Monday, February 28, 2011

Media Bias 02-28

Video - Meade is new media.

The Ten Most Blatant Examples Of Media Bias During Jan-Feb 2011 (Part One)

Great Morning - MoveOn Confirms Paltry Protest Numbers And Village Voice Messes Up

Who's the hooligan?

Media Hides Real Reason for Rise in Gas Prices

Rachel Maddow Seizes Her Moment at Post-Keith Olbermann MSNBC

Responding to Rachel Maddow

Fox News correspondent on disruptive Wisconsin protesters: ‘There is hate in their eyes’

Union Chief Doesn't Condemn Comparisons of Wisconsin's Walker to Hitler

Media drop ball on Wisconsin coverage, make union protesters look like saints

Michelle Obama’s press agent: Politico reporter accused of flacking for first lady

Daily Beast hires Trig Truther

Fox News Reporter Assaulted By Wisconsin Protesters

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  1. I am acutely interested in using the above image as an image for a Facebook page, promoting a general boycott of the mainstream news. Please give me a yes or no answer as soon as possible; when freedom is at stake, time is of the essence.


    Jeremiah Harding