Thursday, March 3, 2011

Daily Round-Up 03-03

Eric Holder's People The attorney general confirms suspicions of racial bias at the Justice Department.


House Passes 1099 Repeal

Americans Maintain Broad Support for Israel

Wisconsin and Government Unions – Let the Voters Decide

Behind Iraq's protests, a call for better democracy

Ohio Senate Passes Bill Limiting Collective Bargaining From what I understand it is even more restrictive than the Wisconsin bill.

Wisconsin Senate Does Not Need a 3/5ths Quorum to Pass Much of the Budget Bill

Six Steps to Reining in the Administrative State


Congress Questions SEC Chief’s Involvement in New Madoff Scandal. SEC Chairwoman Mary Schapiro's general counsel personally profited from Bernard Madoff, which Schapiro knew about. Today, Rep. Darrell Issa and Rep. Charles Grassley asked her for answers.

CREW Provides SEC New Information About Short Sellers' Efforts to Shape Education Regulations.

Education Department ‘tipping hedge funds’ on for-profit colleges

The Inmates Are Running the Asylum. Libya's tenure on the U.N. Human Rights Council is just the latest example of how the international system has been hijacked by the world's most repressive regimes.

Bringing a Bean Bag to a Gunfight

Another reason for disallowing public workers from forming unions - Lawyer for Ohio Police Union Tells Republican State Senator: ‘Funny Thing About Cops, They Hold Grudges’

Collective Bargaining Is Not A Right

European Union Gives Millions to Anti-Death Penalty Groups in America

What a shame. My mom went to Pratt. Conservative Artist Boxed Out at Pratt. Best line: "Art that preaches to a wholly agreeing public is little more than propaganda."

The Mead List: World’s Top Ten Gaddafi Toads

Wis. Capitol Security Tab Nears $5 Mil as Unruly Mobs Persist


Republican union-busting advances in Ohio

Immigration's taskmaster

How to save money by expanding school choice

Cuomo Seeks Speedy Change in Teacher Evaluations

For superior teachers, reward excellence


President Obama Job Approval

Over Half of Voters Dislike Obama’s Policies

Congressional bosses from Hell: Sheila Jackson Lee

Judicial Watch goes after Elena Kagan’s potential conflict of interest over Obamacare

Obama’s “Start-Up America” Initiative: Stalling Entrepreneurs

Keep Moving, There’s Still Nothing to See Here

Libyan Rebel Fighter Begs For Help From GEORGE BUSH

Small Business Goes to Indianapolis in Search of their Representatives


Gallup Finds U.S. Unemployment Hitting 10.3% in February

Girls Beat Up Senator, Master of Universe

How Obama Is Making Gas Prices Higher

Announced U.S. Job Cuts Rose 20% From Year Ago, Challenger Says

Michael Moore vs. Abraham Lincoln

Goldman's Model Evokes Blood-Sucking Leeches

New Video Explains that Tax Competition Is a Powerful Mechanism to Restrain the Greed of the Political Class

Can you imagine paying a voluntary gas tax? Some already do

Debt, the Economy & Government 'Investments'

Small Business Goes to Indianapolis in Search of their Representatives

Layoffs At Pre-Recession Level; Job Openings Down 30%

Raising the Debt Limit: It Just Makes Sense. Not.

Greenspan Says Surge in Government `Activism' Is Hampering U.S. Recovery

GAO Report Reveals Not Just Mere Duplication, But Unbridled Idiocy

MicroFinance and Donald Rumsfeld.

Why a top CEO rejects “pro-business” Obama


Judicial Watch goes after Elena Kagan’s potential conflict of interest over Obamacare

House Passes 1099 Repeal

Judge Vinson to Obama: Speed up the Appeal or Stop Implementing Obamacare

Florida Judge: Obama Administration Has Seven Days

My Answers to Questions Posed by Senators Durbin and Sessions

States Should Innovate, Not Imitate

The Next Stage of the Health-Care Debate

Waiver Goodbye to Obama

Obama's Health Waiver Gambit The White House offers the mirage of state flexibility.

Vinson stays ruling on ObamaCare – but just for seven days. And if I understand this analysis correctly, Vinson hands the Obama's Administration its butt for asking for the "clarification" in the first place.

Yet Another New Obamacare Bureaucracy

Don’t Want ObamaCare? That Means Obama Can Force You to Have It. The tortured logic of Judge Kessler

GAO report: Nearly 10% of Medicare payments are fraudulent or improper

A Cruel FDA Rollercoaster Ride for Women Taking Avastin

Wisconsin AG Praises Vinson’s Ruling

The Language of Health Care Rationing

Internists Remind Physicians About Universal Ethical Principles

GAO: Medicare losing $48 billion


Bachmann: Don't tread on my light bulbs

Lawmakers introduce bills to block EPA’s “Backdoor Cap-and-Trade”

Senators spar during hearing over alleged 1970s global cooling consensus Senator Inhofe 1, that tool Boxer 0

3 Dems join GOP fight to block EPA climate rules

Can you imagine paying a voluntary gas tax? Some already do


Mainstream Media Props Up Planned Parenthood

When Pundits Run for President Politicians can get media exposure 24/7. So why should Fox News have to suspend Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum?

House leadership questions industry for taking it lying down on net neutrality

Longhorns 17, Badgers 1

Whitewashing Wisconsin's Protests

Think Progress? Think Ignorance

Journalists and Bad Judgment

The Politico- N.Y. Times food fight


Compassion: NJ Union Goons Strand Disabled Seniors and Dialysis Patients to Attend Rally

A Major Case Could Reverse the Decline of Private-Sector Unionization

WI Elementary School Teacher Exposes Children To His Political Hatred

It's time to end rigged system

Union Bosses Order Off-Duty Firefighters to March Today at Union Rally

The stakes in Wisconsin are higher than they look.

Wisconsin Officials Rush to Walker-Proof Their Benefits

To Surly, With Love: Are Teachers Overpaid?

Unions are "busting" taxpayers

Unions vs Unions

Government Workers and the New Reality

Taxpayer Funded, Union-Run NLRB Using Google to Advertise ‘How to Start a Union’

Largest unions pay leaders well, give extensively to Democrats


The No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

Planned Parenthood blitzes Senate

Planned Parenthood: A culture of sexploitation Group takes federal money while ignoring laws against exploitation of minors

Race and Abortion: A Random Observation
Random observation: Setting aside for a moment the standard arguments (and the merits thereof) in the pro-choice/pro-life debate, a fact remains: In black neighborhoods, liberal-leaning groups advertise and facilitate a procedure that results in the birth of fewer black babies; conservative groups advertise and facilitate a procedure that results in the birth of more black babies.


Obama and the Tea Party—the race card keeps on turning

The Tea Party and American Foreign Policy

Internists Remind Physicians About Universal Ethical Principles

Populism and the Partisan Mind

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