Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Union/Leftie Groups 03-04

BOMB THREAT at Scott Walker News Conference–Leftist Protester Arrested!

Your Union Dues at work - Union bosses make hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, new report shows

Union Chiefs Pull Six-Figure Salaries

Ohio union bill speeds toward passage

Public disgrace

Wisconsin lawmaker tackled as he tries to enter Capitol after hours

Wisconsin Capitol Protests End With a Whimper After Judge Rules on Access Restrictions

American Brownshirts Union thugs unleash violence.

L.A. Police Union Urges Members to ‘Stand in Solidarity’ with SEIU and MoveOn.Org. LAPD cops were asked to pick up picket signs and march alongside a bunch of leftist kooks and government bureaucrats to show encouragement to Wisconsin’s public sector workers.

Public Unions Get Too 'Friendly'

The Loan Arranger
Deadbeat Union's $90 Million Debt from 21 May 2010. Interesting.

In 2007, the SEIU owed Bank of America nearly $95 Million.

By the end of 2008, SEIU owed more than $156 Million in total outstanding liabilities. Only six years prior, its liabilities were $8 Million. And we're not even addressing their debts to other banks, like $15 Million with Amalgamated Bank.

No wonder this is do or die for the public sector unions. It is another f*n economic bubble. I guess we can add "public sector union union bubble" to its corollary "the lower education bubble".

No wonder the lefties have been on about "sustainable" for years. Nothing they have been doing is sustainable.

Think about what it means for the unions if they can no longer service their debt or get shares of the company handed to them to collateralize their debt? Kaput. That's what

Leaving Millions in Damage, Wis. Protesters Depart Capitol

Republican congressmen demand documentation from NLRB on effects of proposed $50 million cut

A New Strategy for Wisconsin Split out the union provisions and pass them by a simple majority.

Madison Mayor Colluded with Unions

Are Democrats America’s De Facto Labor Party? Marty ‘Muscles’ O’Malley Joins the Union Fight

Glorious and Free
A reader in L.A. makes a good point about all the film personalities who hailed their union crews at the Oscars: “Maybe they could stop by Wisconsin to lend their support on their way to Canada — where they go to make movies free of California union rules and California taxes.”

Is There A Union For Sore Losers?

A Connecticut town must provide their union workers free coffee and milk, according to a ruling from the State Board of Labor Relations.

Ohio shows the way in a pivotal fight on behalf of taxpayers.

Videos a weapon in Wisconsin fight

Organizing for America Gets Creative

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