Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Daily Round-Up 03-01

Two questions that aren’t being asked about Wisconsin


Space Tourism May Mean One Giant Leap for Researchers

Interior Secretary Salazar cracks under pressure and begins issuing Gulf of Mexico drilling permits

It’s On: House GOP vs. the FCC

A New Partnership with Governors

Fleebaggers Caving?

Bill Would Make Some Airport Screening Sexual Assault

Bernanke: GOP Cuts Won’t Harm Growth

Enterprise, Not Greed, Creates A Better World

Wisconsin GOP Senate fights dirty. Which they should.

The Marriage Debate in Maryland

Oklahoma House Panel Passes Illegal Immigrant Bill

SCOTUS: Corporations Not People (at least with respect to one FOIA provision)

What Can You Do To Take Back Education?

Senate Dems Agree to GOP Bill to Cut Spending, Possibly Avoiding Shutdown


And this my friend is why I whole-heartedly support completely defunding our UN support - UN set to adopt report praising Libya's record

How 'Last in, first out' harms our kids

Missourians Fight ‘Ozarks National Heritage Area’ Plan

What is a TSA Blog Team?

The Arab World's Lingering Hatred of Jews

Accidental Death Becomes Suicide When Insurers Dodge Paying Life Benefits

Missing senators rely heavily on union campaign dollars

House Republican fires aide over leaked e-mails

The Vanity of the Intellectual. Intellectuals have a tendency to become whores.

Another Reason To Outlaw Public-Employee Unions

Billions in Bloat Uncovered in Beltway

US Consulting Group Working For Libya Did Not Register As Foreign Agent

Navy to name warship for Murtha despite protests

Expose the Ruse, or Lose


Enough! 64 Percent of New Yorkers Say a 41 Percent Abortion Rate Is Too High

WaPo Misleads In Planned Parenthood, Live Action Debate

New York Deserves Better

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