Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Round-Up 02-27

President Obama Job Approval

Tea Party Bloggers Aim To Monitor Every Member of Congress

CBO: Jobs Created and Saved By Stimulus Cost At Minimum An Average of $228,055 Each aka "government efficiency" - HA!

Obama's War on Whistleblowers

Big Labor's Last Stand

State Budget Battle Showdowns

50-State Union Protest Falls Far Short Of Predicted Turnout

Public Unions & the Socialist Utopia

L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa Wants a Six-Foot Security Wall Erected Around His Mansion

President Obama’s Misdirection on Marriage: Send in the Petards

Growth Seen at 2.8% Pace in Late 2010

How Budget Battles Go Without the Earmarks

Pressures Mount to Resume Drilling

Writing is on the wall for Ritter's labor order. Gov. John Hickenlooper should heed the warnings in Ohio and Wisconsin and rescind the 2007 order on collective bargaining.

Defund ObamaCare’s Public Option

The Social Security Trust Fund May Be Worth Less Than Zero

Congressional ‘Moral Responsibility’

HUNDREDS Turn Out at “Recall Senator Wirch” Rally in Wisconsin

Rubicon: A river in Wisconsin

Obama’s Socialism

The Political Economy of Government Employee Unions

Growth Seen at 2.8% Pace in Late 2010

“Ah But they behaved as it were flat”

Emanuel transition team member resigns. Says her past ethics violations 'were careless mistakes,' but doesn't want 'distractions'

Battleground State Voters in Strong Agreement with GOP on Health Care Reform Issues

Wisconsin and the Fundamental Threat to the Democratic Party

U.S. Effective Corporate Tax Rate Among Highest in World

Boeing’s Contract Win Dirty Politics?

Why Is the New York Times Shilling for Far-Left Terrorists While Smearing the Patriot Who Exposed Them?

And So Rationing Begins: ObamaCare vs. Breast Cancer Patients

Could Wisconsin happen in California?

Day of reckoning on pensions. The Little Hoover Commission paints a bleak picture of what's ahead for state and local governments in California.

Why Kathleen Parker Was Doomed At CNN

ObamaCare Is Already Damaging Health Care Many of its changes don't kick in until 2014. But the law is forcing dramatic consolidation and reducing choice in the industry.

ObamaCare on the Front Lines

Putting Spine into Governing

Gov. Rick Perry's dream: Make the federal government as innocuous as possible

The Constitution and Obamacare

Breaking the narratives that enslave us

Sen. Rick Santorum blasts AARP for backing ObamaCare

Space Shuttle Launch Viewed from Air

State Budget Battles Herald the Return of the Grown-Ups. They're just in time to beat our adolescent president in 2012

The Saucer is as Hot as the Tea

10 Ways Rising Oil Prices Will Endanger the U.S. Recovery

Wisconsin's Newest Progressive The Republican governor wants a new social contract.

Wis. governor says protests haven't swayed him

Biggest Fish Face Little Risk of Being Caught

US Will Be the World's Third Largest Economy: Citi

Voting for the national interest, not self-interest

NJ's gov speaks loudly and carries a big stick

Agenda 21 Part III: Maryland County Abolishes Agenda 21 – Now it’s Your Turn

The good life (for unions especially) How labor caught on in government work, and why its time is up.

50-State Union Protest Falls Far Short Of Predicted Turnout

FAIL… Dems Left Red-Faced; Protesters Fail to Materialize at National MoveOn Rallies

Union members protest in House

Union Thug Foams at the Mouth: ‘Wussy MotherF**kers, I’ll Make You Pay, Tea Baggers’

Union Thugs: Chris Christie is ‘Terrorist’ Who Would Shoot Workers

There's a man with a sign that reads "Egypt, Libya/Madison, Wisconsin/Civil Unrest Is Best" and a lady with a doggie.

What We Saw at the D.C. Union Protest: Medea Benjamin, Van Jones, a Kid Holding a ‘Don’t Teabag Me Bro’ Sign

Union Goon on Tea Party: ‘Bunch of D*ck-Sucking Corporate Butt-Lickers’

Althouse and Meade return to the Veterans Memorial and encounter apologetic protesters, the police, and a rudeness expert.

Errors and Oddities on the U.S. Citizenship Test

The Anti-Reform Party

GOP Unveils Short-term Spending Cuts, Dems Try to Take Credit

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