Saturday, September 18, 2010

Random Round-Up 09-18

President Obama Job Approval

Truth, Justice, or the Obama Way. The Justice Department is forced to investigate itself.

Obamacare: The sequel. President might use diktats to up the ante

Umm, YES! Was politics behind the government's decision to preserve the UAW's pensions?

Senator Lisa Murkowski – Sore Loser AND Lisa Murkowski hits up lobbyists

Global warming is dead. Long live, er, 'Global climate disruption'!

Home Depot founder rips Obama WH as “tenured” academics, apologizes for creating jobs
Follow the link, there's LOTS more.

Wide GOP Lead Among Interested Voters; Obama Job Approval Hits New Low

Barack Obama Is No James Madison

Washington can hear you now

Obama’s Plan May Be on Hold, But Cap-and-Trade is Still Advancing in the States

Taxpayers Paid At Least $9 Million for Signs Promoting Obama's Economic Stimulus

The Republican Answer to George Soros's Money. Steven Law admires how the left organized itself during its wilderness years. Now he's got $50 million to help elect candidates on the right.

The Tax Debate Is Built on a False Choice

Barney Frank banks Bill Clinton speech. U.S. Rep. waves off notion former president’s appearance is sign of weakness

Govt. Agencies Refusing to Provide Accurate Data on Cost of ‘Stimulus’ Signs. Reps Darrell Issa and Aaron Schock send a letter to Earl Devaney, head of stimulus accountability, about government agencies failing to supply the sought data.

Of course not. Pre-election Rangel, Waters ethics trials unlikely

Dodgy sourcing on this one, seems like a hoax really. Trying to say all the things "they" think the "other" wants to hear. If true, horrifying. If false, a pathetic hoax. - White House Insider on Obama: “the President is Losing It.”

It's About Jobs

Psst! It might be legal for Christine O'Donnell to pay herself.

No Accepted Medical Use? Three Perspectives on Medical Cannabis

Ross Douthat: Journalists Ignorant Of Religion

The Teen Workplace Disengagement Epidemic

Gee I wonder why? Young Voters Cooling Off on Obama, New Poll Reveals

Nice Magazine You’ve Got There, Mr. Forbes…

Dem Congresswoman’s Supporters Participate in ‘Palin-As-Hitler’ Rally

A glimpse of communism Plus, communism as a plantation.

Alliance for Worker Freedom Condemns NMB Union Election Standards

**Aug 2009– Pelosi Accuses Tea Partiers of Attending Nazi-Sign Rallies… **Sept. 2010– Top Pelosi Staffer Leads Nazi-Sign Rally

The PJTV Weekly Tea Party Tracking Poll

The Entitlement Bubble: The Bust Is Going to Be a Nightmare

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