Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Union/ACORN/Leftie Groups 09-16

Inquiry Focuses on White House Role in Preserving Union Pensions at Delphi

Obama puts public sector employees ahead of private sector

Union Power and the Christie Effect After decades of expanding political clout, organized labor is finding voters increasingly unreceptive to its high-tax message.

An incredibly good idea - Keep Talkin’, Lefties . . .

Fear of GOP takeover forces unions to back Dems critical of health

The Shadow Party: How a Washington-Based Liberal Activist Is Trying to Turn Texas Blue (Whether Texans Want It or Not) The "Colorado Model" and George Soros' "Shadow Party" have both landed in Texas in the form of a shady activist with a plan: attack the GOP's largest stronghold and destroy its limited-government success story Moves Into Panic Mode

FEC Okays SEIU Threats for PAC Contributions

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