Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 09-16

President Obama Job Approval

Poll: Most Want New Blood in Congress

The Battle for America 2010: State-by-State Roundup

Inquiry Focuses on White House Role in Preserving Union Pensions at Delphi

An incredibly good idea - Keep Talkin’, Lefties . . .

Shock Audio: Facing ‘Obligations’ From Leadership, Democrat Congresswoman Leaves Voicemail for Lobbyist Cash Audio, transcription and explanation of why her solicition is illegal at link. AND Culture of Corruption, Continued

YOU HAVE WON A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raese: GOP can pick-up West Virginia Senate seat

“They have put all their chips on one man: Congressman John Boehner”

Cook Report: It’s a Toss Up. in Connecticut.

PJTV Video - The Obama Zone

Reid: Coons, 'my pet,' will win It's always an incentive for voters to elect someone who is another's "pet".

Democrats unveil new logo: It’s a target.

Thuggish - Rock Hill to cut off water despite residents' pleas

What is Obama’s Pay Czar’s Pay?

Obama's Mystifying Strategy It's too late for the president to turn John Boehner into the Gingrich of 2010.

John Kerry bitter as Tea Party gains steam

YouCut, MeCut, WeCut

Obama’s Washington Animal Farm If you make more than $250,000 a year, you’re greedy and undeserving — unless you’re addressed as Mr. President

The Era of Expert Failure

O’Donnell Wins in Delaware, Is The Senate Lost For Republicans? No, No, No, and NO!

Of course she does - Pelosi Dances Around Tax Cut Question

Some Thoughts on the Conventional Wisdom, Department of Psephological Prognostication

The Crash, Obama and the Disappearing Dem Majority

Reid to finish defense bill in lame-duck, drawing GOP rebukes

White House rips Forbes article because of this article - How Obama Thinks

Obama’s Safe School Czar: Gay Issues in Curriculum is ‘Ultimate Goal’

The Tsunami Heads to Shore The GOP casualties are over. Now the voter uprising is aiming right at the Democrats.

White House sends spending wish list to Congress

Gregg: Warren will promote 'social justice' at consumer agency

Obama’s Delusions of Competence

You Go Girl! Renee Ellmers’s Bully Beatdown

Thoughts on Ryan and Brooks and the Small Government Ideal

Thomas Sowell
The Money of Fools
The Money of Fools: Part II
he Money of Fools: Part III

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