Friday, September 17, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 09-17

President Obama Job Approval

What the Latest Polls Told Us -- 9/17/2010 Edition

The State of the Senate

This is beyond shameful - Obama's Justice Dept Slow to Assure Overseas Ballots for Armed Forces

Busted… Vile Protesters With “Nazi” Signs Filmed Entering Dem Rep’s Office After Rally (Video)

Video: Debbie Halvorson's Brown Shirt Brigade

Norton lashes out at Breitbart for audio posted on And this, my friends, is why I love it when we catch these naughty kids on audio and video.

Norton Call ‘Could Not Come at a Worse Time for Democrats’

Waters aides expelled from Pelosi event AND Maxine Waters Does Her Thing AND OneUnited Bank received special treatment beyond what was disclosed AND OneUnited received more preferential treatment than first disclosed

Campaign Shock: Democrat Rep. Maurice Hinchey Uses Meeting with Castro to Raise Money. Like Oliver Stone, Democrat Rep. Maurice Hinchey seems to think Castro is cool. This makes Hinchey a fool, and unfit for Congress. UPDATED with reaction from George Phillips.

Lawmakers say Obama promises he'll push DREAM Act

If Delaware seemed like good news to Dems, Wisconsin is killing them now

‘No Blumen Way!’

No more control

Shakedown Street Nancy Pelosi and House Dems hit up lobbyists in a sleazy scramble for cash.

Because the best way to improve America's businesses is to let someone who hates America's businesses supervise them. Brilliant move Obama. Obama Names Wall Street Critic Warren to Consumer Advocate Post

Why Democrats Can't Win on Taxes Many Democrats up for re-election do not want to vote for any tax increases, but Obama has drawn a line in the sand against tax cuts "for the rich."

Cornyn: Independents keep telling me we should focus on fiscal, not social, issues

The Backlash Myth

From Der Spiegel - 'Obama Has Underestimated the Frustration in the Country'

‘Government Motors’ Fills Political Coffers

Welcome Czar Number 83726737

Americans for Limited Government prepares for potential FOIA lawsuit against Department of Education

‘Tell You What, I Like Ol’ Big Boy’

The Legislative Shakedown

In Delaware, GOP should target Dems, not O'Donnell

Not Even Death Can Stop Congress’ Pork King

Leftists call Virginia Democrat Rahm Emanuel’s ‘robot’

The Business of Government Shouldn’t be Business

When Policies Flop, Political Enthusiasm Wanes

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