Saturday, April 17, 2010

Random Round-Up 04-17

For the record, I heard a great line at the Prince William County TEA Party Protest on 4/15/10 about needing private companies to audit public spending - "No such think as a self-butchering pig." Brilliant.

President Obama Job Approval

Poll: Reid loses full ballot test

Thanks For What?

Obama May Not Be So 'Amused' in November

Jobs, jobs, jobs … uh, climate change?

Constitutional Crisis Looms in Britain

The Audacity Gap Continues.

Tax Day Patriots

About 25 protesters arrested after demonstration at Ohio State (SEIU)

Cash-strapped states turn to liquor

Repeal CRA, stop blackmailing banks

The New Currency Is Obedience

Republican Officials Attacked and Injured in New Orleans

Left in a State of Rage

‘Left’ Behind: Tolerance and the Tea Party. Democrats were thrilled with the idea of going to tea parties to expose racism. I wonder how they feel about that after the left's disgraceful Tax Day display.

NBC Reporter To Black Man At Tea Party: "Have You Ever Felt Uncomfortable?"

Gee I wonder why? Probably because she is a whorish hack of a politician who was rude to my husband and because she can not rub two brain cells together. Calif. Sen. Boxer finds rocky re-election terrain

Smart Sound Bites for the Contract From America

Syria snubs Bam

Bill Clinton: Tim McVeigh Hated the Guv'mint Too

Krauthammer: "Snooty" Obama Sees Tea Party "Proletariat" as "Stupid" & "Paranoid"

The Tea Party That Obama Missed

TEA Party TV from PJTV - Score!

New Jersey's 'Failed Experiment' The new governor is on a mission to make his state competitive again in attracting people and capital

New Jersey's Not Looking That Blue Anymore, Huh?

Unexpected unemployment chart of the day

GE: 7,000 tax returns, $0 U.S. tax bill

“The Federal Takeover of Higher Education Financing: Why Obama’s Boost Could Bust Taxpayers”

Obama's Economic Narrative Gap. The president has mostly shelved what one political scientist calls "the authority to repudiate."

Spending, Not Tax Cuts, Is the Real Driver of the Fiscal Mess

Kagan Rumors Expose Left-Wing Hypocrisy and Homophobia

Hedge fund manager in Goldman Sachs case is major Democratic donor

Rep. Ron Paul Introduces Bill to Repeal Obamacare's Individual Mandate

The Joy of Tax Serfdom

Health Care Reform's Bounce Lands With a Thud

Next time, read the bill

College is totally worth killing babies over

US Senate climate bill to be unveiled April 26

MSNBC space reporter: No NASA workers allowed at Obama’s speech yesterday

Words as Weapons. Have racial slurs lost some of their power?

Dimwitted fake Tea Partier Justin Lewis of law firm Gordon & Rees doesn't fool anyone

SEC accuses Goldman Sachs of defrauding investors

California jobless rate swells to 12.6 percent

More American Energy Will Produce Lower Prices, More American Jobs

‘The Philosophy of the School Room’

Pediatric Environmentalism. Kids should be learning science--not feel-good advocacy--in school.

The Coming Deficit War

National Day of Silencing Science

EPA headquarters contaminated with lead

American psychos

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