Monday, April 12, 2010

Daily Round-Up 04-07

Behavioral economics—the governing theory of Obama’s nanny state From The Weekly Standard


Beware Party Crashers (aka astroturf)

A stunningly clear example of the pretzel logic and idiotic moral relavency of liberals - Unlearning Whiteness

Well, it's the UN so I'd guess 95% corrupt? How Corrupt Is the World Food Program?

The Descent of Liberalism


Unreal… Obama’s Organizing for America Website Running Astroturfed ‘Letter to the Editor’ Campaign Complete With Instructional Video

PETA to ask feds to shut Ringling Bros., claiming circus is guilty of elephant torture, coverups

VIDEO - SEIU Executive VP: White Union Members Are ‘So F****** Rabidly Racist’

Sunlight on SEIU Part I: Marxist Andy Stern’s Compensation Would Have Karl Marx Spinning in His Grave

PLANS to have the Pope arrested for "crimes against humanity" during his visit to Britain were revealed yesterday.

Notes from the SRLC fringe

Another Left-Wing Attack on CNN: Group Demands Network Not Air 'I.O.U.S.A.: Solutions'

Obama Funder Jodie Evans: Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson Supports Code Pink Kidnapping Karl Rove

The Liberals' Deadly Obsession

NJ gov wants teachers union leader fired for memo


Tipping Point Not Likely for Arctic Sea Ice

EPA choking freedom

Welcome to the wacky world of green power

Senators prepare compromise climate change bill

I think you mean crush time - Crunch time for climate change bill


Newsweek Covering Tea Parties With Unusual Restraint

Broadcasters lash out over FCC plan to reallocate TV spectrum

Just Say No To Journalism Subsidies

Besides the Leftist Entertainment Media Being Upset, What’s Next?

The assassination double standard

Curing lazy, fearful news


“Give Me Individual Liberty Not Government Dependence”

For Southern Republicans, ‘It’s the Constitution, Stupid’

TEA PARTY EXPRESS III: "MOTOR CITY" EDITION We've got Jon Voight, they've got Rosie O'Donnell. I know where I wanna be.

Jon Voight: America Witnessing Greatest Lie Cleverly Orchestrated By Obama

Wanna tick off a Progressive - show them your pocket videocam - with the red light on!

The Teaparty Movement, The Democrat Party, Racism and Incitement!

House Republicans say they're going cold turkey on pork projects

Foes of tea party movement to infiltrate rallies

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