Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Junk Science 04-14

What Does It Take to Go Down into the Earth for Coal? This article is by my husband and originally published in the excellent In Character magazine.

‘Science Czar’ Admits the Big Green Lie

Climategate: The Official Whitewash Continues. The international panel charged with looking into the East Anglia email controversy has issued a report that fails the smell test at every level.

Climate Scientists Cleared, U.N. Blamed for Misinterpreting Data. British climate scientists at the center of the scandal over stolen e-mails acted with integrity and made no attempt to manipulate their research on global temperatures, an external inquiry has found. But the U.N.? That's another story.

The Carbon Cap Push Back: Restraining Executive Abuse

Global warming graph attacked by study Of course, my husband and his think tank (allegedly in the pocket of "Big Oil" but if that were so, why am I poor?) have been explaining why the hockey stick graph was pure hockem for YEARS!

Ron Bailey Fisks this nonsense - On Being a 21st Century Peasant. Environmentalist Bill McKibben's new book on the coming global collapse

Welcome to the Nanny State - Kids at Arizona school can’t bring processed food

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