Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Daily Round-Up 04-13

This is why you should always have a camera on you. Smoke out these astroturf losers, post their pictures on the internet, and name-and-shame them for such disgusting tactics. Foes of Tea Party Movement to Infiltrate Rallies. From the people who claim to consider dissent the highest form of patriotism AND Who’s Behind the ‘Crash the Tea Party’ Website? Meet Jason Levin: he digs Olbermann, ObamaCare, and 9/11 truther websites. Oddly enough, he really, really doesn't like the idea of tea parties. Update: Charlie Martin explains how to "Expose the Party Crashers" on April 15th. In my humble opinion, anyone who "digs" Olbermann is pretty much a sad hipster douchbag.


Reaganism, New Jersey Style Mr. Christie knows he needs to put the hard choices before the state's citizens, and to speak to them as adults.

From Senate Majority Leader, a Promise to Take Up Immigration Overhaul

Republicans Lead by 48% to 44% on Congressional Ballot From Gallup(!)

Boehner Renews Calls for Massa Probe

Health Care Law. Support for Repeal of Health Care Plan Up To 58%

I'm pointing and laughing right now - ObamaCare may have accidentally stripped Congress of health coverage

Will Obama create the Post Office of health care?

Barney Frank gets a high-altitude haranguing on health care

Mississippi Lt. Governor ‘Puts Up,’ Joins Legal Fight Against ObamaCare

Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers

Hope for change - Per Capita Income Has Fallen 3.2% Since Obama's Inauguration; 47 of 50 States See Decline in Income

How to prevent America's next financial crisis

This is not good - PJTV - A Day In the Life of a Taxpayer, Part 1: Home Is Where the Tax Is.

Does Paul Krugman Know What Progressivity Is?

New Video Exposes Nightmare of IRS Complexity

SEIU Official : Andrew Stern to Resign

Sunlight on SEIU Part II: SEIU’s White House Go-To Man Still on Union Payroll in 2009

NJ's Christie Stays On Offense: Wants Union Head Fired Over Memo

Death Prayer for NJ Gov. Christie is Yet Another Tasteless Attack on Reform-Minded State Leaders

Labor Unions: Employment at Wal-Mart Like Slavery

Census Nonsense: Ignorant Multiculturalism, Intrusive Micromanagement

Unions’ Big Shift to Government

Calling all Radicals: The Center for American Progress is Hiring


Were Reporters Used to Spread ‘N-Word’ Narrative?

California Dreamin’ — Rachel Maddow and Gov. Moonbeam Cover Up the Real ACORN Scandal

Taking the Fight to the MSM: Andrew Breitbart At the Southern Republican Leadership Conference

A Letter to the American People from Jon Voight

PJTV Video - The Blood of Patriots & Tyrants: The Tea Party's Founders

Measure to repeal Prop. 8 fails to qualify for November ballot

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