Saturday, January 23, 2010

In Economic Woes 01-23

Joblessness Across the U.S.: December Unemployment Rates by State

A Victory for Fiscal Sovereignty and a Long-Overdue Defeat for the IRS

As long as some firms are considered too big to fail, those firms will take outsized risks.

Welcome back, Glass-Steagall

Obama Seen as Anti-Business by 77% of U.S. Investors

Stocks Have Worst Week Since March

CEOs to Hill: Quit Calling Us for Campaign Cash

Obama targets New York

The Great Recession Continues. Americans haven't been fooled by the Dow's rise. What they see ahead are more taxes.

Pork Report, January 22, 2009: Bureaucrats Gone Wild Edition

Illinois enters a state of insolvency

Banks shut in Fla., Mo., NM, Ore., Wash.

Have I mentioned recently that Barbara Boxer is a vile person with the morals and ethics of a flesh-eating zombie? Also she smells funny and looks very tired. And once (just once) she was rude to my husband. I heard she's also incontinent. Boxer’s Hypocrisy on Bernanke

Government payroll across U.S. Presidencies

Frank recommends replacing Fannie and Freddie in overhaul

Casulaties of Corporatism, Obama-Style

Bernanke under pressure

Smooth sailing now; icebergs ahead

Bankers must not be pantomime villains

Stocks Turn Negative for Year; GE Gains

Bayh calls for freeze in discretionary spending

Goldman’s Escape Route Might Be the Private Road: David Reilly AND Cross of Goldman. Obama’s proposals to break up banks and limit their activities will contribute little to financial stability and make it more difficult for them to succeed

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