Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brown v. Coakley 01-19

Today's The Day! Vote Brown!

Four Hours To Go

Is the Coakley Campaign Laying the Groundwork for a Challenge?

Quarter of Massachusetts voters expect ACORN to try to steal Senate seat for Coakley

Gee, I wonder why?...
Why Is This Woman Handing Out Absentee Ballots?

AND You're Not Supposed to Get an Absentee Ballot in a Box of Cracker Jacks

Scott Brown backers fear zombies

Watchdog Group Raises Concern About Dead Voters on Massachusetts Rolls

What’s Missing Today in Massachusetts? Exit Polls

Why Scott Brown Must Win

PJTV Video (Alfonzo Rachel) - MASS HYSTERIA IV: MLK Special, Race & The Race

Coakley Blame Game in Full Swing AND DNC, White House, and Coakley Camp in a Mexican Standoff

"Brown has to beat Coakley by 4.8 percent plus, or he loses outright. "

Turnout heavy in crucial Massachusetts Senate poll

Massachusetts Voters Flex Clout in Pivotal Senate Race

Coakley's Office Throws Out Reporter

Big Labor in Massachusetts: Unhappy Days Are Here Again

AND Desperation In Massachusetts: Coakley Thugs Assault Cameraman (VIDEO)

(R-MA)-gettin’ Day?

Pollster John Zogby Predicts A Coakley Win

Amazing Senate battle heads to the finish line

Joe Scarborough Slams 'Reckless' Olbermann for Unhinged Personal Attacks on Scott Brown!

Bookie pays off early, predicts Brown win

Obama aide says Brown ran good race for Senate

Every Vote Matters

For Coakley, ominous sign

Coakley adviser memo: D.C. Dems 'failed' Coakley

Tucker wants me to write about Coakley, but I’m just not sure there’s a humorous angle there

The Scott Heard Round the World

Coakley's Election Day scramble

Eyewitness to Scott Brown’s Historic Campaign

Perfect Storm

Martha Goes Mad! Can she win Massachusetts by attacking Catholics and Red Sox greats?

Phony Calls Tell Massachusetts Residents Pro-Life Group Opposes Scott Brown AND 'Phony Calls Tell Massachusetts Residents Pro-Life Group Opposes Scott Brown'

Coakley's Catholic Crisis

Mass. voters brave snow, rain in Senate race

The Scott Heard Round the World

Democrats Running Into Lots of Brown Support in Boston

There's no pleasing some people. Does a Brown Victory Pose a Danger for GOP?

Take about jumping the gun (but here's to hoping) - A Victory Speech for Scott Brown

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