Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Corruption Daily Round-Up 01-19

Why Is This Woman Handing Out Absentee Ballots?

PJTV Video - Archangel: Covering Our Assets


The Pragmatic Leviathan

From My Husband - British Lawmaker Says Having a Child Is a Privilege, Not a Right

From My Husband - Good News, Everyone! (In the Futurama Sense of "Good News, Everyone!")
The EU has decided it can't let America get away with occupying countries in the name of humanitarian aid, so it will set up a "humanitarian rapid reaction force" so that it can, well, occupy countries in the name of humanitarian aid.

Grab Your Goat and Get Your Hat
Even by the standards of Third World dysfunction, what country is such a basket case that it needs outside help to set up a goat farm?

Is America Still Making Men? AND Why Kids Don't Do Well in School


The Education of the MSM

Globe jumps the gun in online map goof

Joe Scarborough Slams 'Reckless' Olbermann for Unhinged Personal Attacks on Scott Brown!

WH Chief of Staff Emanuel's Joke - 'The First Amendment...It's Highly Overrated' - and its Proper Context

Media Criticism, Chicago-Style. The campaign to stifle journalists in Cook County and the White House.

Mr. Ed, MSNBC and Voting in Mass. Ten Times — ‘Psycho Talk’

Coakley Would Be Quayled -- If She Were a Republican

Bloggers In Pajamas Scooped Again By Big Media

The hidden agenda of unionized media


Quarter of Massachusetts voters expect ACORN to try to steal Senate seat for Coakley

Big Labor in Massachusetts: Unhappy Days Are Here Again

AND Desperation In Massachusetts: Coakley Thugs Assault Cameraman (VIDEO)

You're Not Supposed to Get an Absentee Ballot in a Box of Cracker Jacks

Chicago’s Real Crime Story. Why decades of community organizing haven’t stemmed the city’s youth violence

Big Labor From New York Is Manning Coakley Office


Possible dropping of Cap-and-Trade?

Well, Well, Well

Senate not seen passing climate bill in 2010

New clean-fuel rules for ships could actually hurt the environment


Wanna Fight Corruption - Vote Brown!

Black Conservatives Take Lead Role in Tea Party Movement

Kudlow Should Run Against Schumer In November

PJTV Video - From Tea Party to Third Party?

I've Had Choices

The Top 4 Things Congressional Republicans Must Do in 2010 – Part II

Record Number of Pro-Life Students to Attend Conference

What’s the Key to Winning the Abortion Battle?

A New Dawn

The American People Reject Big Government

Still A Class Act - Bush: 'God bless whoever wins tonight'

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