Monday, January 18, 2010

Brown v. Coakley 01-18

VIDEO: Coakley launches Obama ad

Summery of All Polls from RealClearPolitics AND Massachusetts Senate Poll AND ARG Massachusetts US Senate AND Pollmania: Brown leads by seven in ARG, ties Coakley in Daily Kos AND Brown has significant and growing lead AND Sunday PJM/CrossTarget Poll: Brown up 9.6% among likely voters AND Poll: Brown up 9.6% AND When It Rains It Pours AND No Matter How You Slice It, Brown Leads Across All Polls Don't Get Cocky, Get Out And Vote For Brown!

Nervous in New Hampshire

Another Reason to Vote Brown? - CNBC's Jim Cramer: Brown Win Tuesday Causes Huge Stock Rally As Investors Celebrate 'Pelosi Politburo Emasculation'

Oh my! Martha Has a Dream, or Maybe She's Just Delusional AND Martha Coakley Holds Rally at MLK Breakfast With Scott Brown Sitting In the Room — Brown Responds

VIDEO: Scott Brown’s Speech at Saturday Rally in Middleboro, Mass.

Massachusetts Race Still Close BUT Turnout key in tight Massachusetts Senate race

Obama tries to rescue a flagging Coakley

Kerry Warns of "Dangerous Atmosphere" Around Brown Rallies

Fail. Coakley & Obama Hold Rally In Boston– Can’t Fill It Up (Video)

Two factors will decide Massachusetts Senate race

Obama seeks to save Senate seat, health vote

Getting Ready for Wednesday

Scott Brown: Remarks From Sunday’s Campaign Rally in Worcester AND Worcester Rally Pics and Links, here.

Video: Hecklers interrupt Obama’s speech for Coakley Officially, I think heckling is rude. Unofficially, I'm loving how the hecklers threw Obama off stride.


Martha Coakley: A Democratic Canary in a Coalmine?

Brown vs. Coakley = Liberty vs. Tyranny

Coakley Vs. Madison

Boston mayor: Coakley opponents want Obama to fail No we want him to NOT drag the US into Socialism. Big Difference.

Video: David Shuster wonders whether Massachusetts voters have lost their minds

PJTV Video (AlfonZo!) - MASS HYSTERIA II: Brown's Momentum Builds, Coakley's Desperation Grows AND MASS HYSTERIA III: Can Obama Bail Out Coakley?

Obama makes last-ditch attempt to save Senate seat AND Obama puts prestige on line for Senate candidate AND Will Obama's lackluster speech really help Coakley?

Mitt Romney's Man

VIDEO - Matthews gets tingle up his leg over Brown win

Obama here for Coakley, trailing a diminished aura

Mass Vote Signals End of an O-ra

Massachusetts Is the Game Changer

Ed Schultz on Brown: “I’d cheat to keep these bastards out

Heat of the race shows Martha’s true character

Barack Obama Slams Scott Brown and His Truck… It’s a GM Truck

Nothing Madisonian in this Martha "A loser and a sore one at that"

Coakley counts on union muscle to win Senate race

No one shows for Martha - Snow Day In Boston: Phone Banks Empty. Of course, that situation may have changed.

Straining to Defend Martha Coakley

Martha Coakley: Too Immoral for Teddy Kennedy’s Seat

Loadsa Pictures - Brown Hometown Rally Tonight (Pics)

Prez's outsider act is bombing in Kennedy country

Ann Althouse picks apart Obama's Coakley Speech here.

Matthews & Mitchell: Obama "Hurt" Coakley: Brown's Win Will Be "The Shot Heard Around The World"

Biotech Lobby Endorsing Scott Brown?

Oops: Coakley's Blunder Of The Day #2

Coakley’s Top Ten AND Your Handy Guide To Obama On The Coakley Campaign Trail

Spunky Scott Brown

Martha Coakley, Witch Hunter Attorney General

Time's Scherer Hits Coakley for Misleading 'Gutter' Politics On Emergency Contraception Ads

Massachusetts - the Chicago Way

Boston Globe Writer Ignores Mass. Law on When Appointed Senator's Term Ends

Don't Get Cocky! - "We see dead people": 116,483 registered voters in Massachusetts are dead AND More than 600,000 on Massachusetts Voter Rolls Had Died or Moved, Nonpartisan Analysis Discovered

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