Friday, January 22, 2010

In Economic Woes 01-22

It's as if Obama wants his fiscal policies to get increasingly stupider and more damaging!

Obama Seen as Anti-Business by 77% of U.S. Investors

Revenge Isn’t An Economic Policy

Scary Times in Obama High

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Should Be Eliminated, Frank Says

Exploding Debt Threatens Economic Recovery

New Questions Surface About Bernanke’s Role In AIG Bailout

State Needs More Revenue? Why Not Tax a Tax?

The Feds Are Out of Money: Healthcare Is Their New Bank

Obamanomics: Crony Capitalism Disguised as Progressive Reforms

Geithner aired concern on bank limits: sources

The Volcker rule

Senate Dems Not Sure They Can Get Enough Votes to Reconfirm Bernanke

Obama, Senate Dems turn attention to jobs while health reform stalls

Stocks slide as Obama calls for tougher bank rules

Obama hammers Wall Street banks

Stocks Turn Negative for Year; GE Gains

Obama: ‘Break Out Your Pitchforks And Head For The Banks!’

Why Stop at Banks? 13 Other Great Taxes

Obama's Student Loan Grab Will Cost Jobs, Eliminate Competition And Grow Government

The Government's Endless Appetite for Spending

Obama to talk economy, new jobs in hard-hit battleground state

Amnesty legislation will kill jobs

Bloomberg: Obama Will Cost NYC Jobs

Unemployment Up in 43 States in December

Geithner’s Advance Cover

White House fights for Bernanke support in Senate

'Obama Team Pushes Quotas'

Beware the Goldman Sachs populist

Glass-Steagall lite. Barack Obama proposes limiting the activities of big banks

Geithner Nails It

Banks Need Clear Capital Rules. The new White House proposals on size and trading only add to the uncertainty.

Obama's financial reform falls short

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