Thursday, January 22, 2009

When Real Life Intrudes

One of the "fun" things about Liberal thinking and government policy is its complete and utter grounding in fantasyland.

Seriously, over at, someone's complaining that Democrats had VIP rooms at the pre-inaugeration parties! Astonishing.

It is this complete and utter lack of self-awareness that I either find amusing or infuriating.

Liberalism, socialism, fascism, communism, totalitarianism. In that sliding scale to the Left, one finds increasingly entrenched elitism. Basically, the further Left you go, the harder it is to break into the elite circles.

At least with conservatives and capitalism, everyone has a chance to become elite. You have to go so far right you bump into monarchies to start creating unbreakable elite circles, but even those folks let in the odd commoner now and again.

Seriously, do Lefties ever open a history book or read what conservatives say about them with the barest sliver of an open mind?

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