Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Getting This Off My Chest

I have the impression that a lot of people voted for Obama, not because they knew anything about the man, but because they wanted to be a part of history and stroke their own egos by taking part.

Let me be clear. You the voter “make history” every time you vote. You are a voter and that is it. Who ever wins this election will be the real part of history. Whether it is first black man, oldest man, or first female VP – they will be the history-makers, the achievers.

You do your civic duty by voting, you do not make history.

I feel this is important to point out because Baby Boomers cut their teeth opposing a war and have not wanted America to win a war since.

Also as my husband points out in his book Really Inconvenient Truths on the environment, if a liberal is proven incorrect on anything, their entire ideological house of cards falls apart. Why? Because most leftist ideology is completely made up theories, the musings of over-educated, under-experienced academics. At least conservative ideology is based in history and facts.

At any rate, Baby Boomers since their births have this overblown sense of their place in history. And now they want it again. Having lived my whole life in their shadow, I just want the Boomers to shut up, sit down, and let someone else stretch their wings for just freaking once.

History is made by those that achieve. You-the-voter don’t achieve the presidency when you vote, you put the person who has earned your trust and faith into office so they can lead the country and they can make history.

I just wanted to make that clear.

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