Saturday, November 15, 2008


According to this article from AP, Obama has gotten more threats than any other President-elect.

I in no way support Obama and I believe that if investigated, they will find his campaign engaged in online donation fraud. That said, he will become our President and I honor the office if not the man.

The FBI is taking these threats very seriously and investigating them. But I wonder, did they do the same for President Bush?

Liberals screamed some pretty hideous threats at President Bush over the past 8 years, did the FBI investigate any of these?

Did any "Investigative Reporters" step up and investigate these threats?

What FBI investigation was launched in response to those hateful pictures of McCain by that female photographer or all those pictures of Palin with a gun to her head?

Did they get investigated?

How come the death threats and hateful letters conservatives and libertarians receive don't get investigated?

My husband and several of his co-workers receive some pretty nasty stuff regularly and they generally choose to ignore them.

I don't agree with this policy. I firmly believe in Name and Shame. Conservatives can't talk to Liberals any more without being subjected to spittle-covered ad homenin attacks. The slightest disagreement with a Liberal provokes vicious screams against you. It is tedious.

Like a toddler who pitches a fit because he isn't getting his way, Liberals need to be held responsible for their actions. Pitch a fit, get your name in the police report or posted online. Conservatives should use their camera phones to record and post every last incident until Liberals realize what idiots they look like when they act this way.

As for Obama, relax. No matter what happens, you won't be as badly treated as Bush was - especially if the media have any say in it.

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