Saturday, June 4, 2011

General Bad Behavior 06-04

Daily Kos Founder Refused to Protect Identity of Underage Girls What a douchbag!

Holder should go instead of Coates! A Sad Day for Justice AND Re: A Sad Day for Justice

Holy crap! (Frickin' Frackin' Idiots!!) Well, I guess the border’s all set then AND Federal Court Throws Out Michigan Law, Helps Illegal Voters AND Houston Police Officer Killed by Illegal Alien MS-13 Thug

The Death of the American Dream II

How Free Is America? Ask Boeing. Or the Heritage Foundation, which puts the U.S. in a dismal ninth place in its 2011 Index of Economic Freedom.

Facebook Pulls Unborn Baby's Page

Ken Blackwell - Think Twice, UN

The NFL’s labor pains

Documents show FCC coordinated 'Net Neutrality' effort with outside group

Proof that S.F.’s circumcision ban Is anti-Semitic

Are Jews Funding Israel’s Foes? On campus, community money flows to Islamist propagandists.

The Way to Fight China's Hacking

EU Spends Tens of Millions in US on Left-Wing Causes Given the Euro crisis, that money might be better spent back in Europe.

The Shariah Threat to America

NAACP Fights To Keep Kids Trapped in Failing Schools

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