Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 06-04

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

How Not to Choose a Presidential Candidate. Pundits and activists offer plenty of advice for voters, but several factors are not worth considering.

VDH - A Record to Run On?

Obama: Blame Everything But Me for the Economy AND Obama: I Pretty Much Rebuilt the Future, You Can Thank Me Later

The Jewish video Obama doesn't want on the web

Obama Administration's New Regulations on For-Profit Colleges Draw Backlash

A Sad Day for Justice AND Re: A Sad Day for Justice

Obama Administration Continues to Make a Mockery of FOIA

House to block Obama from making recess appointments, source says

Surprise: White House Won't Release Concrete Entitlement Reform Plan

And After All CBS Has Done for Them, Too

Voters want a clear choice

I lost interest in him with RomneyCare, now he's completely lost me with this - "The world is getting warmer": Romney

The Age of Obama #fail

More Friday Fun: Obama's Total Royal Fail

Wisconsin Democrats Lose Control Of Protesters They Inspired

Don't Like Mandates? Earn Less Money

Who put the chill on American businesses?

Pollster Stan Greenberg Warns Democrats To Face 'The Real Economy'

Connecticut Governor’s Legislative Agenda Shocks State and Awes Unions

Union Enthusiasm for Obama Re-Election Fades, AFL-CIO’s Chief Trumka Says

Deregulation Now!

Hope Is Not a Policy

White House: Auto Industry Jobs Up, Time For A Change?

Time to Get Serious

The Government Accountability Board "said politics played no role in its decision" but "it was able to get through the [recall] petitions against Republicans faster than the ones against Democrats."

Well, I guess the border’s all set then

Shirley Sherrod contract talks with USDA turn rocky

Big Labor Puts Politics Ahead of Jobs

Kiss of Death

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