Thursday, June 2, 2011

Daily Round-Up 06-02

If Tea Party supporters are racist, why is Herman Cain generating such excitement?


Bill would have private firm check customs and border patrol statistics

Job Gains Help States Narrow Budget Gaps
NY prosecutors probe Goldman on crisis

Obama Administration Backs Away From Wilderness Plan

I like the guy but I'm not taking any candidate seriously until Spring 2012, But I (foolishly) expect the stupid RNC to take "outsiders" like Cain seriously. - Democrats Starting to Take Herman Cain Seriously


She’s 10 and May Be Sold to a Brothel

New Terms in Crack Debate Attorney General Calls for Retroactive Use of Shortened Cocaine Prison Sentences

California Pays the Price for Shortsighted Prison Policy. I fear that if CA voters do not start providing some adult supervision to their state government, we are going to end up with a judicially imposed mess equivalent to the deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill.

Oh those live and let live liberals - Palin's Bus Defaced with an Insult

Barack Obama on Lochner

The Factory of Selective Moral Outrage. Liberals applaud with Obama what they damned with Bush.

The Death of the American Dream I

Feminism by Treaty


Christie, Kingmaker?

"The Herman Cain Train" Official Music Video


Second Appellate Panel Hears Arguments on Health Care Law

Repeal of Health Care Law: Favor/Oppose. +8.6% Favor Repeal

Democrats distort GOP Medicare plan

Palin Bashes Romneycare’s Mandate

Romneycare Failure, Public Disappointment Bode Ill for Obamacare

What Medicare Services to Cut, Now

Health care debate before federal court in Cincinnati

Medicare Reform: Paying for the Cake You Want to Eat. America needs to grow up.

Military's Tricare benefits are too sweet a deal OR Troops already sacrificed for health care


Everything you've heard about fossil fuels may be wrong. The future of energy is not what you think it is

Gallup poll shows 57% of Americans won't buy an electric vehicle

WaPo Op-Ed: Laws for the Masses, Shelter the Elites. Yes, the Washington Post has actually taken the stand that the Freedom of Information Act is "misused" by folks like me trying to get to the bottom of Climategate.

Energy in America: Turning Landfills Into Gas

The Problems with Precaution: A Principle without Principle

Obama’s War on Coal Takes a New Turn

Greens' conspiracy of silence


The Nation whines as Lech Walesa snubs Obama

Video: Palin Derangement Syndrome Alive and Well

Do they actually think this will distract Americans from the economy? Media circus grows around lewd message from Weiner's Twitter account

WaPo Op-Ed: Laws for the Masses, Shelter the Elites

Public Opinion Always Beats Media's "Conventional Wisdom"

Ex-NPR CEO Vivian Schiller Hired at NBC


Union hypocrisy: One union accuses another of voter intimidation

Price tag of official time spent on union activities grows

Why bureaucrat unions are so hard to beat

‘Card Check’ Used To Unionize Unsuspecting Mass. Teachers

A Brief Guide to Public-Sector Unionism

As Unions, OFA Take Credit For NY-26, The Right Can Learn From The Loss


Your Tax Dollars At Work Edition

Law defunding Planned Parenthood could cost Indiana all Medicaid funds. So far, the courts haven't intervened but the federal government has signaled that the law is in conflict with federal statutes and that could cost the state lots of money.

Feds: Planned Parenthood cuts violate Medicaid rules

White House Tees Up Clash With Indiana Over Planned Parenthood Law

Indiana's Planned Parenthood law faces federal test


If Tea Party supporters are racist, why is Herman Cain generating such excitement?

Ticked-off Tea Party staffer pens an anonymous book

Can Sarah Palin Really Defeat Barack Obama?

Tea Party Darling O'Donnell Says FEC Complaint Tossed

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