Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 06-01

President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Obama's Imperial Presidency. Executive power continues to expand.

Obama's abandonment of America

Obama Administration Throws Support Behind World Tax Organization

Europe Becomes Obama’s Re-Election Campaign ‘Prop’ Obama’s six-day trip to Europe — high on style but low on substance — was far more about creating photo opportunities than it was about strengthening the transatlantic relationship.

77,000 feds paid more than governors Government salaries put under scrutiny

How do you get a $175,000 a year job with Eric Holder?

Democrats’ New Illinois Map May Not Withstand Time

Koch Test. The former New York City mayor is starting to turn against Barack Obama. And when hizzoner goes for the Republican in a presidential contest, it’s always been bad news for his fellow Democrats.

Obama’s Immigration Policy: The Audacity of Manipulation. The president violates his own so-called moral imperatives.

Foreign Car-Bashing DNC Chair Owns ... Foreign Car

DNC Chair Mad that GOP Wants to Make It Illegal to Be an Illegal Alien…Or Something

DNC Chairwoman Can't Stop Lying About the Ryan Plan

DNC Chair Falsely Claims Seniors Could Be Denied Coverage Because of Pre-Existing Conditions Under GOP Reform

Not so fast on 'Mediscare' and bellwethers

Our Current Time for Choosing Anyone who disagrees with Paul Ryan's Medicare reforms has a moral obligation to propose an alternative.

Wasserman Schultz’s bogus claim that the GOP Medicare plan will ‘throw you to the wolves’

Democrats Fear Christie Entering Presidential Race

Amazon Tax Bill Passes State Assembly RESULTING IN Internet Giants Mull Calif. Pullout to Avoid Taxes. Way to shoot your struggling economy in the brainpan, California.

Weinergate: Congressman’s Media Meltdown; Belligerent Weiner Refuses to Answer Questions, Calls CNN Producer ‘Jackass’

Barack Obama Is Not a Patriot Based on the sum of Barack Obama's lifetime of personal choices, Cain's assertion is remarkably reasonable and evidence-based.

Thomas Sowell - Seductive Beliefs: Part II

Government Against Blacks

The Schumer Three-Step How to vote for a law and then raise money by deploring its results.

Elections Panel Puts Hold Only on Democrat Recalls in Wisconsin

Why the Democratic Party Has Abandoned the Middle Class in Favor of the Rich

The porkulus political payback project

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