Saturday, June 4, 2011

Daily Round-Up 06-04

Deregulation Now!


Top al Qaeda leader Ilyas Kashmiri killed in US Predator strike

Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses On It

States Taking on Employers of Illegal Immigrants Goodness knows the feds aren't!

House to block Obama from making recess appointments, source says

More schools rethinking zero-tolerance discipline stand

Union Enthusiasm for Obama Re-Election Fades, AFL-CIO’s Chief Trumka Says

So Now All These People Will Apologize to Sarah Palin About Paul Revere, Right? Lest you forget, Palin has been right more than she's been wrong - Hubris, Nemesis, and Partying Like It’s 1773

The stupid Palin woman

Obama administration suddenly likes Palin wildlife management strategy « Hot Air


Four Dirty Secrets about Clean Energy Just four?

Pointing and laughing - Experts warn that UK wind farms may run out of... wind

The Light Bulb Police

To quote the great Glenn Reynolds "I'll believe its a crisis when they start acting like it is a crisis." What would Michelle say? President Obama wolfs down TWO chili dogs and fries... the day after his wife unveils new dietary guide

Michelle Obama Is Rearranging the Nation’s Dinner Plates

Administration blocks restart of massive oil pipeline, citing leaks

German E. coli outbreak is a killer hybrid

Company that transforms garbage into ethanol attracts big investors If successful, Lefties will end up hating this because it will make "consumerism" okay.

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