Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Round-Up 09-07

President Obama Job Approval

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Generic Congressional Ballot

PJTV Video - The Week In Blogs: Police Force Goes to Pot, While Postal Service Hits the Bottle

All those fat-cat Wall Streeters gave to Obama and democrats. Why Wall St. Is Deserting Obama?

Think Religious Extremists Are Scary -- How About Secular Extremists?

Health Care Wastefulness Is Detailed in Studies

The BBC Fails to Understand the Tea Party Movement -- Says the Telegraph UK

56% Favor Repeal of Health Care Bill; 39% Say Repeal Is Likely

The Obama Economy How trillions in fiscal and monetary stimulus produced a 1.6% recovery.

Obama assails GOP, promotes new jobs program

Boxer Tied to Dubious Waters Cash-for-Endorsement Scheme AND Barbara Boxer's Dubious Ethics Personally, she is a waste of skin and was rude to my husband.

Thomas Sowell - Political Fables

Small businesses feel squeezed by Obama policies

New evidence undermines feds' case against Arizona

Big Labor backs Democrats

What we need right now: the “Public Sector Pension Sustainability Act”

Businesses and unions planning to meet on possible $3 trillion pension disaster

I am pointing and laughing - Los Angeles School Named After Al Gore Built on Toxic Site

Paranoid about Paranoids

'Big Wave' of Voter Discontent Crashing Down on Obama

Democrats Fleeing Obamacare

Europe and Benign Neglect

Small Sample of Philly Voter Rolls Reveals Hundreds of Ineligible Names. An ex-DOJ lawyer finds out just how damaging the DOJ failure to enforce up-to-date voter lists can be to the republic.

It’s Time to Worry About Houston. Voter fraud and a suspicious fire threaten the November elections in Texas’ largest city

Doing the DOJ’s Job for Them: Demanding Valid Voter Rolls Before November. I have sent notice letters to 16 states informing them that they are in violation of the National Voting Rights Act. Private lawsuits may follow if they do not comply.

Don't get cocky GOP. It's anti-incompent, not pro-republican. Get Ready for an Anti-Incumbent Wave. Poll Shows Republicans Benefit From Fears About Economy; Democrats Need to Persuade Unenthusiastic Backers to Vote AND Revolt Against Status Quo Gives Republicans Record Lead in 2010 Midterms

Our Hula Hoop President

Globalist Soros Launches Frontal Assault Against Tea Party

At least 70 House seats in play, says Obama's campaign adviser

Budget Is Not California's Only Problem

PJTV Video - FISCAL TRAIN WRECK: California Workers Riding Gravy Train to Statewide Insolvency

Chamber of Commerce Reacts to Proposed Stimulus

Washington’s Self-Anointed Deities. A populace that expects salvation from the government has some representatives believing they are saviors. That's really a lefty problem.

Is Obama Dishonest, Naive or Both When He Talks About Our Economy?

The Gospel of Wealth

Labor Day 2010: Building a Bridge to the 13th Century

NY Times: Congressional 'Charities' Rake in Millions from Business

Obama’s New Tax Idea: the Accidental Anti-Cap-n-Trade

Orszag column blindsides White House

A desperate struggle for survival

We Are Ruled by Professors

Audit finds Sharpton's nonprofit on brink That's not all it finds.

Stimulus, Unemployment, and Bad Policies: An Update

25 Reasons to Send the Democrats Packing in November

Tennessee attorney gets 26-month sentence for defrauding biofuels subsidy program

PJTV Video - TEA'd OFF: Are American Voters Angry about the Economy?

Tea Party docs: 'Self-serving' AMA betraying physicians, patients

TEA Party Round-Up here

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