Tuesday, September 7, 2010

George Soros - Nazi Collaborator, Human Douche Bag

Holocaust Denial: George Soros vs. the Tea Parties From this perspective here, it sounds like Soros is a sociopath as well as a Nazi-collaborator.
No action undertook by Soros is random. When he donates money, it’s for a purposeful endgame. When he grants an interview, it’s to send a message, or to try and shape something. It’s entirely about himself and winning.

What is the one concept that all hard left ideas have in common? Central planning. If Soros can turn the American government, and economy into one centrally planned place, he wins. He will control it and feather his nest. Crony capitalism will reign, and he will be the biggest crony.

Freidrich Hayak wrote about “the wisdom of crowds”. This is a very dangerous, possibly debilitating, concept to people like Soros. No one man can control crowds. The Tea Party movement has no central leader. But it has a persistent viral idea that is an anathema to a person like Soros. Free will and a marketplace of ideas. Individual rights over the rights of a central government. No central planning.

Decentralization unleashes randomness in markets that drive people like Soros crazy. It makes it much harder to compete. It increases the amount of risk on each trade. It’s much less valuable to be an insider. It’s much harder to cheat and win the game.

However, in the history of markets, decentralization always increases the standard of living of people over the long term. It accomplishes this task over the long term much more efficiently than any alternative. Innovations are unleashed. The entirety of humanity is lifted up.

AND Moral hollowness at work. Billionaire George Soros has made a living wrecking the lives of others. Now he wants to mess with Canadians

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