Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random Round-Up 09-05

President Obama Job Approval

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

It’s the Spending, Stupid. Federal spending is out of control. Even the nominal spending and deficit reductions claimed by the Congressional Budget Office aren't real.

How Government Unions Became So Powerful While politicians have opposed the right to strike, public-sector labor leaders have focused on pay increases and constitutional guarantees.

Six ways to lose your election

The Week In Blogs: Police Force Goes to Pot, While Postal Service Hits the Bottle

White House considers pre-midterm package of business tax breaks to spur hiring

Three More Outrageously False Statements from NOAA. Makes one wonder if their recent climate announcements are politically influenced.

Palin’s New Defenders: Liberal Feminists

Obama’s Political Tin Ear. Then: “There are times where you can afford to redecorate your house, and there are times where you need to focus on rebuilding the foundation," Obama said in early 2009. Now: The Audacity of Taupe!

Wyden Defects on ObamaCare The Oregon Democrat breaks ranks with the White House.

More Good News

Globalist Soros Launches Frontal Assault Against Tea Party

Stunning Revelations from Obama, the Lightworker. Five astounding things The One has taught us so far.

August '10 Ratings: CNN Has Lowest Primetime Viewership In 10 Years

Poor Jobs Report in August; Obama Blames Republicans

Back to School?

Obama Is Repeating the Mistakes of the 1937 Economic Collapse

Legislators Shopping Without Price Tags

From Der Spiegel! America Has Become Too European

Despite hiring, US unemployment rate seems frozen

Speaker Pelosi: Stand Up for Muslim Women, Not Islamists Like Rauf!

Letting Leftists Limit Language

A desperate struggle for survival

The Future is Now (and in Brazil) - Terraforming at Work

Media Bias Gets Dangerous: Minimizing the Ecoterror Threat. They are over and done with the topic of James J. Lee, despite the mounting number of attacks committed in the name of environmentalism.

Is the Waters defense ethical?

Gov Pawlenty: Federal Gov’t Like Drug Dealer

Victims on the road to ‘peace’

With unemployment at 9.6 percent, why is the White House obsessed with sex?

Cut My Pay — Now!

Obama may be the first U.S. president to lack faith in our special history, our special spirit and our special mission in the world. Well, Obama hasn't really spent all that much time in the states, I mean the mainland states.

Indoctrination Nation

All smoke and mirrors

The man behind the Sherrod affair

Dr. King’s Newest Marcher

Fearing for image, First Lady's aides warned against Spain vacation

In Pursuit of Cultural Hegemony

Here's The Real Problem With Labor Unions

Majority of Iraqis Oppose Obama’s Withdrawal

Despite ethics woes, Rangel holds vast fundraising edge ahead of primary

Postcard From the NHS Dr. Berwick's health-care model at work.

Big Labor's Legacy of Violence

Nuclear Energy Round-Up

Rahm Emanuel: "Fuck the UAW"

Awesome! Scholarship Scandal Congresswoman Falls Apart in Anderson Cooper Interview (Video)

On Economy, Democrats Face a Lack of Unity

Labor Notes: September 2010

Democrats plan political triage to retain House

The Revolt of the Bourgeois Tea partiers are mad as heck, and they’re letting the world know — politely.

Is a Payroll Tax Holiday a Good Idea?

The environmental movement in retreat

Iran 'stoning woman' to be lashed over photo: son

The "Us" vs. "Them" Depression

Laid-Off Temporary Census Workers Account for 43.6 Percent of Increase in Unemployed Americans

Imagine That -- There Are Leftwing Wackos, Too!

Future hiring will mainly benefit the high-skilled

Obama's Part-Time AIDS Czar Jeff Crowley

Vote 'NO!' to Government Regulation of Privacy at The Economist

An Industry by Industry Look at the Stimulus Failure

Obama Comes to Wisconsin, Feingold Disappears

The Hate That Openly Speaks Its Name

Dems run away from health care

Obama, Senators, Coyotes and Wolves

Where There's Corruption, There's Opportunity' The man who took on Saddam and Marcos is trying to break up the Big Three credit-ratings cartel. Can he pull it off?

How unions lost touch with workers

Government, Inc.: the cost of government competition with private enterprise

Obama Jobs Deficit Forcing Obama to Scramble

Friend of the Brotherhood?

Lukewarm Reception for R&D Tax Credit

New evidence undermines feds' case against Arizona

The irony of Jesse Jackson's stripped SUV

California's recipe for stagnation

120 Days to Go Until the Largest Tax Hikes in History

Obama Doesn’t Know Rights From Wrongs

Who is responsible for Warmabomber's violent agenda?

Real Change Is On The Horizon

The Democrats' Biggest Mistake

Accepting the unacceptable

Future hiring will mainly benefit the high-skilled

BEAR TRAP: Sarah Palin, the Right to Bear Abortions & N-Word Expertise (PJTV Video)

The media’s president

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