Thursday, July 15, 2010

Random Round-Up 07-15

2008 voter-intimidation case against New Black Panthers a political bombshell

Holder’s Hypocrisy Holder will continue to embarrass the nation until he steps down

Civil Rights Commission sends letter to DOJ: We want to talk to your lawyers about the Panthers case

PJTV Video - PANTHERGATE 101: Justice Whistleblower, Black Panthers & the Sanctity of Civil Rights (Members Only)

Congressman Asks Inspector General to Launch Investigation of New Black Panther Case

So much for hope, change and transparency - Democrats block amendment to ensure press access to oil spill

PJTV Video - PANTHERGATE UPDATE: Should the Inspector General Investigate the DOJ?

A Rational Post-Spill Policy That Allows Offshore Drilling

Whatever It Takes: Obama Sidesteps Law to Halt Domestic Energy Production. Twice. The administration has shown no deference to the rule of law while trying to close Yucca Mountain and halt deepwater drilling.

From Disaster to Catastrophe -- What's Obama's Endgame In the Gulf?

All 10,000 Crime Victim Visas Issued

Respecting the Law The rule of law is indispensable for America and its immigration policy

Did Obama Sabotage DOMA?

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Unions to Kids: We Don't Need No Education

Scholar's libel suit proceeds against Southern Poverty Law Center

Climategate and the Big Green Lie

My Biggest Mistake in the White House Failing to refute charges that Bush lied us into war has hurt our country.

5 Ways the New CAFE Rules Will Change the Way We Drive. They'll certainly make the roads less safe.

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