Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Economic Woes 07-15

Congress Sends Obama Sweeping Financial Overhaul Bill. Say goodbye in November.

Obama spends $400K per ‘created’ job

Why President Obama loses by winning

Finance bill favors interests of unions, activists

Payday: Trial lawyers could get major tax cut despite major federal deficit

Drowning in Debt

“Mostly Free” - The Startling Decline of America’s Economic Freedom and What to Do About It

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights demands changes to Democrats’ financial reform bill

PJTV Video - Farewell Welfare State: Mark Levin's Fight for Freedom

Real Joblessness Grimmer Than Gov't Stats

Yeah well a LOT of Americans are "under siege" thanks to Obama's Economy - Obama under siege on economy

AIG Hired To Regulate AIG

Jobs snow-job

Who didn't see this coming? War between Chamber of Commerce and White House spills into open

Three Million Imaginary Jobs The White House says the stimulus worked beyond even its hopes. Seriously.

Spending Can Be Cut. Politicians who tell you democracies can’t slash spending are lying.

PJTV Video (Front Page with Allen Barton) - Life Give You Lemons? Make Lemonade. But Please Buy The Lemons, Otherwise You're a Dirty Socialist

As Obama Kowtows, Unions Eye the Private Sector The unions want more legislation from the Democrats

Why the Obama Stimulus Failed

Recovery Summer: Mortgage applications hit 13-year low, foreclosures spiking

If This is "Recovery Summer," I'd Hate To See "Recession Winter"

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