Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Random Round-Up 07-13

A quick round-up today and then back to our regular service tomorrow. It's been a long day settling back into life after two weeks at the beach.

President Obama Job Approval

Nearly 60% Lack Faith in Obama; More Want Congress in Republican Hands

Team Obama Turns Blind Eye to Voter Intimidation

Eric Holder's Buddy

Smells Like a Cover-up at Obama White House

The Ike Brown Case: Is the DOJ About to Fail Another Race-Based Test?

Lawlessness at the DOJ: Voting Section Told Not To Enforce Purging the Dead or Ineligible from Voting Rolls. It's not just the New Black Panther case: in November 2009, political appointee Julie Fernandes told a packed room of Voting Section employees to simply ignore this provision of the "Motor Voter" law

President Obama and Elena Kagan sabotage DOMA defense

UPDATED: ‘You Want Freedom? You’re Gonna Have to Kill Some Crackers’

Witness said Rahm Emanuel asked him to call Blagojevich to tell him Obama wanted Valerie Jarrett

Liar, liar: Why Obama is failing

Obama faces growing credibility crisis

Confidence in Obama reaches new low, Washington Post-ABC News poll finds

White House, Google violate lobbying pledge

Payback To Big Labor, While Our Cities & States Foot The Bill

Florida may have Arizona-like anti-illegal immigration law by August

New poll to Obama: It's the economy, stupid!

A Congressman, Held Accountable With Video!

You wouldn’t like United States Congressman Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX) when he’s angry

Obama's Immigration Fakery In 2007, then-Sen. Obama helped derail an immigration bill he claimed to support. He's no more serious about a bipartisan bill today.

Poll: 75 Percent of Americans Blame State Budget Problems on Politicians’ Unwillingness to Cut Spending

Leaked Doc Proves Spain’s ‘Green’ Policies — the Basis for Obama’s — an Economic Disaster. PJM has received a leaked internal document confirming Spain realizes its green failures, just as Obama pushes the American Power Act based on Spain's program.

Ann Althouse rocks it - If you really believed in global warming, you would turn off your air conditioning.

The Greenhouse Protection Racket. Climate policymaking in our nation’s capital is best explained in the lingo of Hollywood mobsters and banditos

The Big Green Lie Exposed

How Can Climate Change Advocates Equate My Skepticism to Holocaust Denial? It's not like the only evidence of the Holocaust was a bunch of scientists pointing to a computer simulation saying what they think would happen to the Jewish population in Europe.

ClimateGate Revisited

Happy World Population Day: Some Environmentalists Halfway Get It

Getting Schooled in Aspen Bill Gates attacks "fraudulent" accounting that hides the cost of teacher pensions.

Labor unions pivot toward midterm elections with jobs campaign

Victory for Louisiana Florists. Licensing Scheme Pruned Back After Florists File Civil Rights Lawsuit

Black Activists Condemn NAACP Resolution Against Tea Party Movement AND The Racism of the NAACP

Michelle Obama to the NAACP: 'Now is Not The Time to Rest on Our Laurels'

Maybe the French Aren’t So Bad After All

Opponents Pack Hearing on Mosque Near Ground Zero

An Economy of Grinds

A decade of spiraling deficits

Drilling ban reissued

The Cost of the VAT

Kagan and ObamaCare The Senate should press her to recuse herself from the state lawsuit.

IWF in the News: 100 Days of Health-Care Reform

Obama and the “S” Word

Obamacare: Forecasts Cloudy for Young Adults

Obamacare: Still Unpopular

Repealing Obamacare and Restoring a Free Market in Healthcare

Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Franken Over the Top in Minnesota, Study Finds

The Ministries of Truth Weigh In

How Diversity Punishes Asians, Poor Whites and Lots of Others

IRS starts mopping up Congress's tax-reporting mess

The 5 Biggest Threats To America's Future Success

If They Say There's a Big Crowd At the Skeptics' Conference, Should You Believe Them?

Through a Gimlet Eye: Studying the Washington Post Kremlinologist-Style

Obama threatened by Tea Party. White House frets about coming Republican majority

Liberals flunk Economics 101

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