Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 07-15

Will Obama testify? Dispatches from the Blago trial

PJTV Video - PolitiZoid Presents: Talking Feds, Same As It Ever Was

Is Team Obama Contingency Planning for A Republican House?

House Democrats hit boiling point over perceived lack of White House support

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights demands changes to Democrats’ financial reform bill

Goldberg! - Change the People!
Update: From a reader:
I love the example of Abraham Lincoln. Sure Lincoln had to govern through a civil war…but Obama has people who don’t like him! Lincoln couldn’t have survived under these conditions…what a boob.

Was Gibbs 2010 prediction a mistake or a strategy?

Oh goody - Next Up in Washington, a Media Czar?

Obama Gets Battered in 2012 Election Match-Ups

Fox News Poll: Obama Job Approval Down, Few Think Stimulus Helped

From the LA Times - After 18 months of Obama, Americans already feeling fonder of Dick Cheney, less so of Al Gore

African-American Tea Party Candidate Cedra Crenshaw Fights Illinois Democrats to Get on Ballot in Will County

We might call it bribery but they don't - Senate VIP Loans Mount Countrywide Dealt With More Lawmakers and Staffers Than Previously Known AND here.

And by the way, Harry has a bridge to sell you too - Harry Reid: No Illegals Working Construction in Nevada

Congressman Rothman Loses His Cool at Town Hall Meeting

PJTV Video - Raging Donkey: Rep. Ciro Rodriguez Serves Up a "Blue State Special" at Local Restaurant

VDH - A Ten-Step Reset Regimen for the President

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