Monday, May 3, 2010

Media Bias 05-03

If Obama cheated, the Enquirer should be transparent about itself

PJTV Video (Kruiser Control) - A Tale of Two Protests: Video Destroys the MSM Narrative

How come you don't read about this in the news? Big Paydays for the Chiefs in the Media Seriously, with the exception of Fox, nearly all MSM (print & broadcast) is in the toilet and these guys get a raise?

The Fire and Brimstone World of Texas School Propaganda

VIDEO - Breitbart CBN Interview: ‘The Cold War is now a New Media war’

Standing in the Shadows of ManBearMo. Ed Driscoll talks with Brian Anderson on Comedy Central censoring TV's South Park, James Lileks wonders if Charlie Crist and the UK's Gordon Brown should have self-censored before self-immolating. Plus Glenn Reynolds, Mark Tapscott, Joe Hicks, and Christopher Horner. Hosted by the Vodkapundit, Stephen Green

PJTV Video (Klavan on The Culture) - The New York Times Answer Man

Double standard on Obama's dissing

Re: Slate's Doohickey & Epistemic Whatyamacallit

Teasing From The Captain

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