Monday, May 3, 2010

Illegal Immigrantion Round-Up 05-03

PJTV Video (Afterburner with (the ever-excellent) Bill Whittle) - A Tale of Two Americas

Central Americans complain about abuse by the Colossus (to their) North–Or: “You DON’T wanna be illegal in Mexico!”

Apparently there is lots of work Americans are willing to do - Hundreds seek to fill vacant positions at Pro's Ranch Market

Despite Ariz. Law, Illegals Vow to Keep Coming. Illegal migrants targeted by a tough new Arizona law dismiss it as just another obstacle that pales in comparison to the extortion, arrests and kidnappings they already risk to reach U.S. soil.

Poll: Majority Backs Arizona Immigration Bill

The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good

How Does Reasonable Suspicion Work

When They Call You a Nazi, You’ve Won the Immigration Argument. Point/Counterpoint: In the right corner of the ring, the LAPD's Jack Dunphy favors Arizona's new immigration law: "But while the new AZ law's opponents are revealed as hysterics, it will still be uncomfortable for those police officers who must now go out and enforce it in an atmosphere of intense media scrutiny."

How Obama Could Lose Arizona Immigration Battle

At least 18 Santa Cruz businesses suffered damage during May Day riot

Immigrants' Rights March in California Ends in Vandalism, Arrests

Founding Amateurs?

PJTV Video (Kruiser Control) - A Tale of Two Protests: Video Destroys the MSM Narrative

Uniformity and regimentalism of thought on the rise. It was one of the things that pushed me out of the liberal circle, the inability to accept different opinions, especially if that disagreeing opinion came from a minority who had the temerity to step off the liberal reservation.

Blaming the citizen Left fuels backlash on illegals

Another Tea Party Victory. Senator Harry Reid suddenly decides to focus on addressing immigration instead of cap-and-trade

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