Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Daily Round-Up 05-04

I like what I am reading - Where the Contract with American Failed, the Freshmen 5o Will Succeed
We are citizen-candidates united on a platform of six simple and realistic reforms for our government:
Apply the Law Equally: All laws that apply to all citizens also apply to Congress
Term Limits: Limit terms in Congress to no more than 12 years in the House and Senate, respectively
Enforce Congressional Ethics: Yearly tax and expense audits, former Congressmen and their staff cannot be lobbyists, allow the ethics committee to do their job
Read the Bill: Prior to final vote, the entire bill must be read out loud on the floor of the House; if a representative is not present for the entire reading, he cannot vote
Tax Reform: Repeal our current tax code in favor of one that taxes only once, at one rate, and require a 2/3-majority vote for any new tax
Balance the Budget: Amend the Constitution to require a balanced budget

British Hero (and Gold Bar for our American Heroes) - Super Sniper Kills Taliban 1.5 Miles Away I love the first comment.


The Santa Cruz Riot The president warns of violence from "extreme elements," and an example quickly materializes.

“Cuba Si!—Arizona No! “ Says Mexican President Felipe Calderon (Among Many Others)

Initial Analysis Of The Times Square Bombing Attempt AND Cellphone led FBI to Times Square car bomb suspect arrest

Thomas Sowell - Race and Resentment

The Changing Tide: America Less Tolerant of Religious Liberty

Ahmadinejad Calling Obama’s Bluff. Today at the UN, Iran's president showed why he's a better strategist than his American counterpart. Why was this sack even allowed into our country?

Michelle Obama didn't wear her wedding ring to the WH Correspondents Dinner, could this National Enquirer report be why?


Unintentional Comedy at the Daily Kos

Verbal Diarrhea


Wind, solar would generate ... even higher electric bills

"Limited Federal Government = No Government" (or something like that)

Environmental groups condemn ocean drilling in climate bill as ‘unacceptable’

The Government and the Food Safety Modernization Act


Bank Bailout Bill: Is This Why Andy Stern Left SEIU?

And You Thought Wall Street Was Fudging the Numbers

My daughter is a Girl Scout and if I see any hint of this trickling down to her troop then she is outta there! - Girls Scouts Under Fire for Planned Parenthood Sex Guide

ACLU Splits, and Abandons Principle

BP's Slick Greenwashing


18 states refuse to run insurance pools for those with preexisting conditions

Obama Offers Businesses $5 Billion for Retiree Health


Nicely Done - A tale of two groups

Christie starts swinging big axe at NJ judiciary

Enforcing immigration law would be a bargain

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