Monday, May 3, 2010

Bad Politicians Bad 05-03

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President Obama Job Approval

State of the Union

Hedge funds donate big to Democrats

American Oligarchy. Don’t expect real reform from the Wall Street Democrats.

Debate on the other debt crisis Our view: Ugly truth about state pensions begins to emerge

Are public sector employees the Democrats' achilles heel?

America’s Socialists Bully China’s. Why is now the time to push China on trade and monetary policy? Easy: Because the Dems need money. And because they can

Gulf oil spill becoming Obama's Katrina: A timeline of presidential delay

Video shows federal officials knew quickly of potential for massive oil flow in Gulf spill

NYT editorial: Obama should have acted sooner on the oil spill

Did Obama administration tell GM to lie about its TARP repayment?

Know Your Place: Britain’s Joe the Plumber Moment. Gordon Brown reminds us that there is no snob like a leftist snob.

Pelosi makes history, and enemies, as an effective House speaker

Let the Republicans drink the Tea Party's brew. Progressives shouldn't wish for the equivalent.

Teasing From The Captain

Democrats Are Manipulating the Marchers

Does Obama Bear Some Responsibility for Intimidation of Comedy Central? Former Justice official John Yoo tells PJM: “President Obama’s speech in Cairo projected a vision of American weakness where people think they can make violent threats and get away with it."

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