Saturday, February 27, 2010

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 02-27

What Voters Know About ObamaCare. A full 48% of voters want Congress to start over, and 25% want lawmakers to stop working on health care altogether.

A Hidden Cost of the Health-Care Summit

I'll believe it when I see it - Dems take a second look at GOP proposals, including tort reform

Understanding Reconciliation and the Nuclear Trigger. The Constitution allows the Senate to set its own rules. The nuclear trigger option being discussed would simply ignore the rules that are in place.

Are Democrats choosing to run off a cliff with ObamaCare?

PJTV Video (Medically Incorrect) - Swine Fail: Why Obama’s Public Sector Flunked H1N1 Vaccine Distribution

Pelosi: US health overhaul will happen

Rebuttals To Ryan? We're Still Waiting

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Ignorant, Misleading, Or Both? What The Facts Say About Obama’s New Health Care Bill

Health Care Attack on Both Coasts

Few signs that Obama summit moved needle on health care

Health Care Reform: Republicans, Beware the Trap of ‘Limited’ Reforms. The seemingly innocuous "reform" of requiring insurers to cover all pre-existing conditions would gradually lead to a full government takeover of health care.

Medicare Doctor Shortage Endangers Seniors' Access to Care It's only going to get worse if the government takes over healthcare. Shortages are the norm under socialist/government-run plans.

PJTV Video (Special) - Is There a Doctor in the House? Four Congressional Doctors Diagnose the Healthcare Debate


GOP senator, friend of president, says ObamaCare will “divide and bankrupt America

Here’s Your Better Health Insurance Plan, Mr. President

Hopefully down the drain - Obama to chart new health care reform path next week

PJTV Video (Front Page with Allen Barton) - Sham Summit: Obama’s Health Care Pow Wow Goes Up In Smoke

Emanuel, Pelosi Meet In Capitol To Chart Health Care Course

Ken Blackwell - When killing isn’t caring

Partisanship Trumps All In Health Care Debate. Democrats signaled at the beginning of the week that they will try and ram their bill through with no Republican votes. That’s too bad, because the bill needs fixing.

Health-Care Humdrum

Republicans Get the Chance to Punch Back at the Speaker-in-Chief

Hundreds Turn Out for the Critical Care: Patients' Summit

Beyond the Statistics of Cancer

Here's to hoping - Let's hope health summit wasn't a fraud

PJTV Video - Reconciliation 101: The Wall Street Journal's John Fund Dissects the Dirty Trick For Dana Loesch

Health Bill Elevates Senate Bureaucrat to Starring Role

GOP calls on Obama to ‘renounce’ reconciliation: Live-blogging the health care summit

Heritage Foundation responds to the health care summit

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