Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Economic Woes 02-23

The Stimulus Evidence One Year On. Over five years, my research shows an extra $600 billion of public spending at the cost of $900 billion in private expenditure. That's a bad deal.

Treasury to TARP Inspector General: Drop Dead

TPC: Obama's Tax Proposals Yield $4.9 Trillion (Not the Claimed $1.1 Trillion) Shortfall

No New Taxes, Mr. Obama? On Monday, the White House unveiled a health care plan with a net tax hike of at least $700 billion over the next ten years. What happened to the promise that no family making less than $250,000 will see their taxes increase?

Hope and Change, ya'll - New Obama Budget Cuts a Program Aimed at Helping Low-Income Americans

US Jan mass layoffs edge up on weak manufacturing

State Tax Revenues Fall for Fifth Consecutive Quarter

From Thomas Sowell - Economic Whodunit

Greenspan - U.S. recovery "extremely unbalanced"

e US public debt hits its tipping point

Harvard’s Rogoff Sees Sovereign Defaults, ‘Painful’ Austerity

Tax increases expected, where, how big still unclear And uncertainty is always so helpful to the economy.

First Decline in Core Inflation Since 1982

Sens. Wyden and Gregg push lower corporate tax rate as next jobs bill

Regulators report 27 percent jump in problem banks

Sick banks may mean feeble recovery

Government Grab of Retirement Accounts a Matter of ‘Social Justice’ Think of it as Eminent Domain of your money.

A Call for Fiscal Federalism

Where Your Tax Dollars Really Go Part II: Stimulus Funding

Bernanke faces grilling over exit strategy

More On My Public Sector Fat Cat Obsession

Mood Darkens; Home Prices Stabilize. Data Indicated Americans Grew More Pessimistic in February, while Fourth-Quarter Housing Index Showed Promise

Protectionism's Other Names

A Bottomless Pit: The Coming $1 Trillion Public Pension Crisis

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