Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Daily Round-Up 02-24

Why we fight. Taliban militants behead three ‘US spies’ in Pakistan, bodies dumped near Afghanistan border

Yoo Gets the Last Word AND My Gift to the Obama Presidency. Though the White House won't want to admit it, Bush lawyers were protecting the executive's power to fight a vigorous war on terror.

CNN poll: 69% support letting gays serve openly in military — including 62% of Republicans. Guess we better get some more of those "homophobid" Republicans into office.

I dunno, rubble doesn't make trouble - Preparing for the Worst. The United States won't bomb Iran, but another country might. I just don't want any Iranian Green Party freedom fighters hurt.


Democratic Donor and L.A. Dodger Owner Paid No Income Taxes From 2004 through 2009 : Pocketed Income of $108 million Probably how he got rich in the first place.

Self-esteem isn't the answer. Hard work is. Youth, self-esteem and the recession

Big Teacher Is Watching You. And you thought "Helicopter Parents" were bad.


Mitch Daniels' Rules for Republicans. The governor of Indiana talks sensibly about the problems facing America.

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