Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Economic Woes 02-24

Home purchase loan demand at lowest since 1997

Has the Golden State gone bust?

'For three mop heads valued at $13.50, the district paid $540.'

CAGW Names Gary Locke and Robert Groves February’s Porkers of the Month

Bad Greeks - Pangalos, Not Pangloss AND Still Playing Chicken

11.3 million homeowners underwater on mortgage

Deathbed of Keynesian Economics Will Be in U.K. So long as this stupid economic school-of-thought dies somewhere.


Underemployed Report Spending 36% Less Than Employed

Enlarge to view, it's worth it.

CBO's Job Estimate is Dubious AND More on That CBO Jobs Report

Jobs Bill Passes Senate With 13 Republican Votes If we must have a jobs bill, I'd rather have the Senate's $15 Billion one than the House's $154 Billion one. I smell Pork.

Illinois stuck in a ‘historic, epic’ budget crisis
More pension pain is coming to California

Even More on The Coming War Over Public-Sector Pensions

WSJ: Obama's 'Sneaky' New Tax on Investments

Now why not us? Democratic Donor and L.A. Dodger Owner Paid No Income Taxes From 2004 through 2009 : Pocketed Income of $108 million

Planning For The Estate Tax's Return

Democrats substitute wasteful spending for private sector growth.

Geithner - Stimulus Spending, Budget Austerity Aren't at Odds. Apparently neither is being head of Treasury and a Tax Cheat.

Obama Begins His Assault on Your Life Savings

Bernanke: Sustained Recovery Still in Question

Shooting Banks. Obama’s impotent assault on Wall Street.

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