Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Daily Round-Up 02-23

More on American Exceptionalism

Quiet Libertarian Victories

The Airborne Supremacy

Nation’s Schools Should Follow Rhode Island Superintendent Gallo’s Example


Organizing Kids for Obama

The misguided investigations of John Yoo and Jay Bybee are finally over.

5 Reasons Illegal Immigrants Shouldn't Be Given American Citizenship

Ex-Intel chief: U.S. would lose cyber war

Ideology to Die For

The Arrogance of China's Leadership

Lawyers' Lies and the Lying Lawyers Who Tell Them


ACORN’s Attorneys Stole $450,000 From Missouri Taxpayers

Obama Acknowledges ACORN Relationship In New Video

You’re Invited…to Help Scrub ACORN’s Image

Scandals weaken liberal group ACORN

Amnesty International: Not Much of a Reputation To Lose

Obama is such a union tool - Documents confirm White House pushing pro-union contracting policies


Climategate Meets the Law: Senator Inhofe to Ask for DOJ Investigation AND Senator Calls for Investigation of Al Gore/Climategate

Get him Senator! Get him! - Inhofe calls for investigation of researcher Michael Mann

Green Jobs Obsession Distracts from Real Economy Recovery

Bernie Sanders compares climate skeptics to Nazi deniers Now what would I compare Bernie Sanders to?

Climategate: More Science Fiction from the IPCC

New Climate Agency Head Tried to Suppress Data, Critics Charge

E.P.A. Plans to Phase in Regulation of Emissions

Senator Barbara Boxer and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson Throw IPCC Under the Bus (For the record, Boxer is a waste of skin for being rude to my husband)

We need this like a fish needs a bicycle - Senate Weighs Final Push of Climate Bill

Kerry: Reid wants a climate bill 'soon'


ABC News to cut staff in 'transformation' of news division

The Story the New York Times Won't Touch. Ya think?

How the World Works: Max Blumenthal and His Vicious Alinsky Tactics

Blame the Media for the Birther Movement

Cuba’s Free and Fabulous Healthcare


Do Soldiers Drink Tea?

Tea party snowmen protest lawmakers in Lansing, MI

‘Hannity’ to Devote Tonight’s Show to Controversial New Film, ‘Generation Zero’

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