Saturday, December 5, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 12-05

I (heart) Joe Lieberman! No Way, No How, to the Public Option. The Connecticut senator, free of partisan loyalties, has a pivotal role in the health-care debate.

Healthcare reform allows government to 'mandate new standards'

Another health care earmark for trial lawyers

Abortion battle could derail health bill

SEIU’s Pay-to-Play Politics Key to Understanding its Salivation Over ObamaCare

I thought it was because they see nationalized healthcare as a lever to crack open America for socialism. Silly me. Why Dems Are Obsessed by Health Reform. They believe the liberal base expects them to deliver and will punish them if they don't.

Dodd, Mikulski join Brown effort on GOP healthcare amendment

Gambling With American Medicine

Senate's Progress on Health Care Bill Grinds to Halt Over Democratic Divisions

The Scandal of Government Health Care: An Introduction to Dr. Anna Chacko

Health Reform Could Harm Medicaid Patients. A vast expansion of the program will impose unsustainable costs on treatment centers.

Gambling With American Medicine

GOP cautions Obama against climate commitment

Political Correctness Kills

In panic over jobs, Dems detour from health care

Weekend finds senators bickering over health care

Glimpse of Our Future - Government Takes Boy From Parents Who Refuse to Give Him Sweets

"An Animal Would Have Been Treated with More Compassion"

Who wants this health care "reform"?

Senators Bicker Over Health Care in Rare Weekend Session

The Wrong Operation for What Is Ailing Us

Senate's Long-Term Care Vote Exposes Dem Divides

The Aging Generation of "Choice"

Both sides come out fighting on day one of the Senate debate on healthcare reform

Obama will try to rally Senate Dems on healthcare Sunday

Weekend finds senators bickering over health care

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