Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 12-01


Howard Dean Declares Debate Between Capitalism and Socialism to Be Over - VIDEO I especially like the last bit where he says the democrats are now on "permanent campaign" (oh goody) and America is becoming more like Europe. Ugh.

A New Alliance for Criminal Justice Reform? Don't Count On It.

Mad As Hell
If you were a Congressman, these numbers would make you tremble: Scott Rasmussen finds that an astonishing 71 percent of voters describe themselves as angry at the current policies of the federal government. That's up five percent since September. A plurality of 46 percent say they are "very angry" at the federal government. That's up 10 percent since September.

Not surprisingly, voters continue to reject the Democrats' health care proposals by, currently, 53-41 percent.

And, while the Republicans have not been able to take advantage of voter disenchantment with the Obama administration and Congressional Democrats as effectively as they might, voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on eight of ten issues, including the economy (48-36), taxes (47-36) and national security (50-37).

The Democrats have less than a year to turn those attitudes around. Currently, voters' negative views of the Democrats are hardening, not softening.
Embedded links available if you follow link above. AND here - Number of Democrats Falls to Four-Year Low

Your Tax dollars at work - Nancy Pelosi spends $2,993 on flowers. The only person more scummy than Pelosi is Boxer. That woman is a waste of skin.

Is Obama another Mr. Spock?

Obama keeps his Afghan promise, but Dems crumble

Hey Obama, Remember When You Voted Against Troop-Funding For Iraq & Afghanistan?

They Call It Fiscal Responsibility; We Call It Socialism

O's Window Dressing

De-Fund Holder’s Manhattan Transfer

Hamlet as War President OR if you prefer history to drama Barack and the Buchanan Precedent

PROMISES, PROMISES: Friday is still WH 'trash day'

Terror by Trial Lawyer. Arlen Specter would make it easier for terrorists to sue.

Why Won't We Face Iran's Evil?

Collective Neurosis in Maine: Big Government Bad, We Need Gargantuan Government

Five More Amateur Mistakes By the Obama Administration

Great, first he refuses to allow the USPS to deliver Santa's letters, now he's usurping the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Barack Obama > Charlie Brown

Obama: King of All Statists

Chuck Norris - Our Commander in Chief's Christmas Crisis


New Tape Shows Terror Training on U.S. Soil

The Danger Signs of Terror

Excellent post on the necessity of shame/stigma for a healthy functioning civil society. What's Stigmata With You? Heavily linked.

Gatecrash Update - While I do not approve of anything that puts a United States President in jeopardy, I do kinda admire the chutzpah of these folks. Still, they probably broke the law.

Shhh, Thomas Sowell is speaking - Random Thoughts

Left Destroys More than It Creates

Targeting pro-lifers

Where Are the Men?


Because their fight with Fox News went so well? The White House Takes On Politico

I don't have a dog in this fight - NSFW vs. SFW: Sex, Arianna, and the Future of Journalism!


Climategate’s ‘Josh Steiner’ Moment, Featuring John Tierney and Michael Mann Remember the Clinton aide who testified that he lied to his own diary? The latest from Michael Mann and the NY Times may top that.

FTC explores future of journalism in Internet age

Media Misses Mark On Health Care -- Again


"Tea Party: The Documentary Film” to Premiere on December 2nd

Movement under way in California to ban divorce. Good. Divorce should be hard.

Sarah Palin's Governing Philosophy Emerges In "Going Rogue"
Palin not only has a keen grasp of the details of governing and budgeting, she also understands the political difficulties inherent in making government responsive. Many of her antagonists at the national level scoffed at the notion that her experience in Wasilla was of any value. Quite the contrary, local government is where a public official's decisions have the most direct impact on the electorate. It's where you really have to understand the ins and outs of what you're doing.

Kids as "young adults"

The Honduran Elections: Persistent Courage Trumps Attempted Tyranny

With Kittens! (Thank You Glenn)

Is God Making A Cultural Comeback?

Sarah Palin Stars as Heroine in New Children's Book

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