Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Junk Science/Environmental Corruption 12-01

The Fraud Is Everywhere: SUNY Albany and Queens University Belfast Join Climategate

Finally an equation even an environmentalist can understand - No data = no science

Of course they do. - Warmists Give Climategate the Cold Shoulder The guys in this video are from CEI, the outfit my husband works for! They ask environmentalist what they think about the CRU scandal and the greenies are circling the wagon.

BPA: The Tangled Web of Green

Climategate’s ‘Josh Steiner’ Moment, Featuring John Tierney and Michael Mann

Amen to that - Scientists Need Ethics Training and Anger Management

Global Warming 101

He also has something he wants to show you back in his office. Bill Clinton: “Global Warming Could Make Some Places Colder”(Video)

Hacking the Climate Debate

Ask Not for Whom the Tree Rings . . .

Something in the Water Is Feminizing Male Fish. Are We Next? AND What Do 'Intersex' Fish Mean for Water Quality? The answer is the excess estrogen women who take birth control pills urinate into the water system. My husband's book, The Really Inconvenient Truths covers this issue in detail in Chapter Three (sample here) and explains why environmentalists are desperate to blame pesticides rather than bcp because they are also dedicated to reducing the human population for which they need The Pill.

Bellesiles & Climategate

It's The Data, Stupid Cont'd

Something UN Could Devote More Energy To AND my husband's response to Jonah - Re: Something the U.N. Could Devote More Energy To

Groupthink and the global warming industry

When Do We Get to Read the Rest of the UN Emails on Climate Change?

Climategate: The White House Stonewalls with Stupidity

Denying the global-cooling cover-up. Obama team puts politics above science on climate

No Hole in the Blogosphere: Tracking Climate-Gate

High Price, Low Return

In Depth coverage of Copenhagan and Environmental issues from The Financial Times, here. (Warning - you may need a subscription)

But you don't need a subscription here - Climategate Document Database from PJTV/Pajamas Media

The Inquisition of Global Warming

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