Saturday, December 5, 2009

In Economic Woes 12-05

Quarter of borrowers in anti-foreclosure plan are behind

How Ignorant and Misguided Can Charles Schumer Be? About as ignorant, misguided and stupid as Boxer, I'd imagine.

Not gonna happen, no matter how much it should. Rob Portman calls for payroll tax holiday

Questions Raised By Flawed Stimulus Job Figures

Job creation requires certainty, not government action

Obama’s Jobs Summit: The Invisible Hand of SEIU and ACORN

NYC’s Off-Track-Betting Seeks Bankruptcy Protection (Update1)

Unpacking the Job Numbers, Roadblocks for Bernanke, and the Future of Mainstream Media

Wow – Back to 10%?

Krauthammer's Take

Bank failure tally reaches 130. Regulators shutter Cleveland-based AmTrust Bank, and five other banks. Closures will cost the FDIC $2.384 billion.

Ann Althouse on Obama's people attempting to Manage the Decline

Examining the Jobs Report

Cut Taxes To Create Jobs

The $700 billion man

Ryan, Cantor On Obama's T.A.R.P. Temptation

The Jobs Picture Crashes Into Debt Realities

You're Welcome, Canada

House Passes New Death Tax Legislation

When Democrats Say 'Jobs,' They Really Mean 'Tax,' Republicans Say

Who Creates Jobs?


Job Woes Hit Blue States Hardest, Spelling Trouble for Democrats

Does the Jobs Report 'Hide the Decline'?

Talk Is Cheap, Mr. President, Where are the Jobs?

Fess Up, Ben

Will the Supreme Court Free Us From the Scourge of Sarbanes-Oxley?

CBO: Financial overhaul would hike deficit by $4.5 billion

Listen to the People Who Create Jobs, Mr. President

Bank lobby lashes out at credit unions

Obama promises to unveil job-creation ideas next week

Gifts and the Knowledge Problem

Drop in the Bucket

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