Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tactless and Rude and Stupid

I am speaking of course about Obama...

And his decision to return a bust of Winston Churchill (one of the greatest leaders of the English-speaking world) that had been in the Oval Office since 9/11.

When the British government offered to extend the loan of the valuable bust for another four years to Obama, he declined.

How rude! How tactless! And how STUPID!

The British are our best friends on this planet. Winston Churchill should be an inspiration to anyone. That Obama is dumb enough to offend our most consistant and supportive friends is astonishingly clueless.

This is going to be an unspeakably long four years with this dumbass.

Side Note: And the thing of it is, that Churchill bust is one of only three in the Oval Office during President Bush's time. I learned that while watching a documentary about the Queen's most recent state visit. My children are interesting in Churchill because his parentage is the same as their own in that he had and they have an American mother and a British Father. They get a huge kick out of that.

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