Friday, July 15, 2011

Daily Round-Up 07-15

Pravda Syndrome: MSM Can’t Stop Lying About ‘Gunwalker’ No shame: The body count may be in the hundreds, and they still scratch the president's back.


An Idea: Demand the Commerce Department Goes in Return for a Deal AND Re: An Idea

Gallup - "Republican Candidate" Extends Lead vs. Obama to 47% to 39%

What Was All That Ruckus About, Again?

What Really *Is* the Institution of Marriage?

One cheap pill protects healthy people from HIV

Why Minnesota matters


ATF Florida Gun Probe Earns Congressional Scrutiny in Wake of 'Fast and Furious'

Rep. Issa, Where Is the Pigford Investigation?

Illegal immigrant working inside nuke plant arrested

IRS Fails to Properly Notify 36% of Taxpayers Whose Personal Info is 'Inadvertently' Released

Righthaven Fined $5000 For Misleading the Court

Bill Clinton Strikes Again With the Race Card AND Black Activists "Deeply Disappointed" in President Clinton's "Disingenuous" Racial Attack on Ballot Security Measures

Black Men Survive Longer in Prison Than Out, Study Finds. If true, it's sad.

Unsanctioned Polygamy Is Weird, but Is It the Government’s Business?

Syrian protests spread into the work week, but regime holds firm


Break the spend-and-borrow cycle

Cantor: ‘Not a Game’

On the Washington airwaves, Tito Muñoz fine-tunes a conservative Latino voice

Christie: Destiny Should Not Be Determined by Zip Code

Cantor emerges as player and pain in debt talks They refer to being a pain to the GOP establishment like it's a bad thing. It's not.


President Obama Job Approval

Latest Election Polls

President Obama vs. Republican Candidate

2012 Republican Presidential Nomination

Huge Obama birthday fundraiser day after debt ceiling deadline A tin ear and terrible optics.

Emails Show White House Targeting Fox News Despite Denial

Why 2012 is shaping up as an 'Anybody But Obama' election

Are Tax Increases More Important to Democrats Than Avoiding Default? Reid Won't Say

Big Drama Obama: ‘Don’t Call My Bluff’

Go Ahead, GOP, Make Obama's Day

National Standards and Tests: An Unprecedented Federal Overreach

The myth of Obama’s great temperament

Obama's multiplying Middle East failures.

Obama Tries to Resurrect ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ - Again Conservative homosexuals successfully repeal DADT and Obama tries to shut them down, hmmm. AND DOJ Tells Court It "Continues to Defend" DADT, Seeks Reinstatement of Law "By the Close of Business Tomorrow"

Newt Gingrich Calls Out Obama Over His Failure to Help Black Americans

Revenge of the Nerds? The political dangers of an intellectually superior attitude.

America's weak-kneed response to Assad's political street theatre

Pelosi: Obama More Patient Than Job of the Bible, or Something

Walker Committee Finds Huge Savings in WI; Dems Kvetch

Regime Change May Be Needed To Cut Deficit

Obama Uses Debt Crisis to Raise Taxes


Never Did Get A Job From A Poor Man

Bush years imposed crushing regulatory burdens

Congress hears outcry from business lobby on debt ceiling and deficit

55% Oppose Tax Hike in Debt-Ceiling Deal

Manufacturing Gauge Slumps as Core Inflation Gains

Obama Figures Out How to Create Jobs! (in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia…)

The real reason the U.S. could lose its AAA rating.

Fair Tax or Foul? The promise and peril of changing the way we pay for government

Debt Endangers Growth AND ‘The Economy Can’t Grow’

Understanding the McConnell debt limit proposal

Why Wall Street doesn't seem worried about default

14 Cities That Are Being Eaten Alive By Public Sector Workers

The Truth About the Auto Bailouts

Why Are Economists Confused? Americans Aren’t

August 2nd no hard deadline on debt limit

Why there’s never been a better time to cut farm subsidies

S&P: U.S. Debt Could Reach ‘Junk’ Rating by 2030, Absent Entitlement Reform

A Capitol Hill Debate on Whether Fiscal Conservatives Should Support Higher Taxes

Europe's banks brace for clutch of health test failures AND Europe Banking Lies Coming Unglued

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Unaccountable and Costly

New Study from Swedish Economists Allows Us to Quantify the Cost of the Bush-Obama Spending Binge


Another provision of healthcare reform law comes under bipartisan assault

Big Government And Health-Care Stocks: A Happy Marriage?

States Moving Away from Government-Run Healthcare

Obama Creates Army Hidden In Health Care Bill

Follow the State's Lead to Better Medicaid

The Expanding Catalogue of Obamacare Fables


Indoctrination Fridays: Green Curricula’s Real Target is Free Markets, Not Global Warming

The EPA's Regulatory Trainwreck

Spectacular Waste in Redwood Forests needs $14,187 to repair its wrecked Chevy Volt

Good news The Green Economy Withers

Politics has overtaken science at the EPA

Power Plant Shutdowns, Slowdowns May Follow New EPA Regs in Texas

Wanted: Objective government-funded scientists for objective government-funded study

GOP light bulb amendment likely to pass Friday after earlier defeat


Pravda Syndrome: MSM Can’t Stop Lying About ‘Gunwalker’ No shame: The body count may be in the hundreds, and they still scratch the president's back.

The Nanny State Never Ends – The Healthy Media for Youth Act

Let’s play hardball

Emails reveal White House calling Fox News host Baier ‘a lunatic’

CNN launches full-scale assault on Rupert Murdoch’s ankles

White House Spokesman Crumbles Under Relentless Debt Questions -- "I Can't Choose."

Racial Violence and the Conspicuous Silence of the Media

Is Google spying on you? Again, whatever happened to do no evil?


uh-huh. ‘FOX News Is a Criminal Organization,’ Says Protester Wandering Outside Murdoch’s Home

The Enduring Dangerous Legacy of the Sixties New Left

Busted Again: Union Workers Drinking and Smoking Pot On Lunch Break

14 Cities That Are Being Eaten Alive By Public Sector Workers

Where Does The UAW Stand On Fuel Economy?

Wikileaks ‘Assistant’ Hypes Expansion of Government Power to Aid…Wikileaks

Obama bailout chief changes story: Maybe I did say, 'I did this all for the unions'

Union Corruption: There’s No App For That

University Gone Wild: Senior UMSL Administrators Bare (Almost) All in Embarrassing Internal Emails


ADF letter to Wis. Attorney General: Stop UW Hospitals from illegally funding abortions


Running on Empty Tour makes its way through Michigan

Unmasking the "International Community"

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