Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Big Unions/Leftie Groups 07-13

Close the door on public-sector unions

National Education Association Thanks Students for Raising PAC Funds

Prison doctor gets paid for doing little or nothing A California surgeon has mostly been locked out of his job: on paid leave, fired or fighting his termination. When he does work, it's reviewing records. He made $777,000 last year, including back pay

Allegations of corruption, fraud, tears town government apart

Unions Turning on Obama in Debt Battle

A shame. NOT GUILTY!…SEIU Thugs Cleared in Brutal Gladney Beatdown!…Update: Gladney Reaction (Video)

Oversight committee demands NLRB documents on Boeing suit

Obama's Anti-Immigrant Stance. Under the guise of immigration enforcement, the White House pushes a pro-union agenda

ACLU Using Food Pantries To Undermine Voter ID In Wisconsin

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