Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Daily Round-Up 07-13

Republicans want records from Justice officials about botched gun operation


Senate stops Reid's millionaire tax measure

Hollywood Finally Admits It Discriminates Against Conservatives -- Could This Be the Start of Something Big?

The End of Subsidized Loans?

Voter photo ID laws are good protection against fraud

The IRS's Temporary Political Retreat on Taxing Donors to 501(c)(4) Groups

GOP Candidates: Sharpening the Knife

RNC ad: Change Direction

Wis. Democrats Defeat 'Fake' Candidates in Primary. The "fake" label is stupid. What were Wis. Republicans supposed to do? By putting up candidates in this primary, the conservatives force the democrats to spend money they'd presumably prefer to save for the general recall election. "Fake" or not, this was a smart move on the conservatives' part.

Wall Street Journal Backs McConnell Plan I'm not sure how I feel about this plan but anything that forces Obama to show his hand isn't a bad idea.

Tea-Party Senators Plot with House Allies

Time to get ‘serious’ on illegal aliens


“Trying to ease our own guilt feelings is very different from trying to advance those less fortunate.” – Thomas Sowell

ACLU Using Food Pantries To Undermine Voter ID In Wisconsin

Allegations of corruption, fraud, tears town government apart

Police charge mother in Nashville airport altercation. Woman refused to let officers screen daughter AND New Port Richey couple says TSA search went too far

Suspect Allowed to View Child Porn in Washington Jail

Harvard Researchers Accused of Breaching Students' Privacy

Kindergarten nightmare grips NYC parents

Our Frivolous Approach to Citizenship

A shamefully wrong decision. NOT GUILTY!…SEIU Thugs Cleared in Brutal Gladney Beatdown!…Update: Gladney Reaction (Video)


Boehner Boosts the BBA

Sen. Inhofe places hold on Obama's nominee for commerce secretary

Herman Cain - I’d replace the income tax with the Fair Tax

David Mamet's Conversion

What ‘constitutional conservatism’ means to me


Liberty Is at Stake

Will Washington Find the Cure for Cancer? Government boards and drug price controls threaten to throw sand in the gears of medical progress.

Rolling Back the Obamacare Banana Republic

US to Clarify How Insurance Exchanges Will Work

FDA Proposes Targeted Drug Testing Guidelines

Huntsman, Pawlenty Also Toyed With Healthcare as Govs

AARP assails Medicare benefit cuts

Should Parents Lose Custody Of Obese Kids? This is a ridiculous intrusion by the government into the family.


National Academy of Sciences warns EPA to get its science straight or risk irrelevance

Supreme Court deals major blow to environmentalists

Global Warming: Cities, Too, Are Carbon 'Sinks'

Let There Be Light…And Freedom To Choose Its Source

Taken for a Ride. Underhand attempts by the US Congress to bypass regulatory decisions made by federal agencies erode science-based policy.


Hollywood Finally Admits It Discriminates Against Conservatives -- Could This Be the Start of Something Big?

I'd agree with this statement - The BBC Is at Least a Thousand Times More Evil and Dangerous than Rupert Murdoch

Erring and forgiving, &c.

Who's Burning D.C. Down?

David Mamet's Conversion


Live Action Needed: Planned Parenthood’s Mission Creep and the Congressional Imperative

A Victory for Life, and for Free Speech

Three Cheers for AUL’s Exposé of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s Non-Response to AUL


Something is brewing - Tea-Party Senators Plot with House Allies

The Tea Party Is Ceiling the Deal

Tea Party Groups Target Lawmakers on Debt Ceiling

Time to get ‘serious’ on illegal aliens

Republicans want records from Justice officials about botched gun operation

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